Thursday, May 2, 2013

all about yours truly

I've been drawing blanks on what to write here on this space lately. Sometimes, it's just really hard to get something started. I think that's a general feeling for me though. I am a hardcore procrastinator.
Like, hardcore.
In high school, some most times I wouldn't start a 3-5 page paper until the night before. Term papers?Psssh, who works on those ahead of time now a days? Ain't nobody got time for that!
just for a visual: this is me, almost out of high school, sayin' "deuces term papers!"... super cool, I know.
Regardless, at least I'm putting pen to paper my fingertips to the keyboard and sharing something here today.
I've decided to hop onto the latest blogger-bandwagon aka link-up {since my fav. link-up went bye-bye temporarily} in an attempt to keep my creative juices flowing and to help with my procrastination issue... even if this post is a day late, oops!
Told ya! My procrastination-ness knows no bounds.
The link-up challenge is to Blog Everyday In May and the first day was to be "the story of your life, in 250 words or less"... so here goes:
pictures first, of course.
 The Story of My Life:
I was born prematurely and weighed a whopping 3lbs 14oz. My 9lb sister was born a few years later. We grew up in the house that my parents built themselves.We were so “spoiled” and very loved. Still are.  I was always a shy child, and still am as an adult. I am lucky to have so many fond memories of my childhood and am thankful everyday for the life my parents provided for me/us. I graduated and went to college for a whole semester… and then had my beautiful baby girl. She is my life. My whole world revolves around her. I don’t think that I will ever been one of those young parents who “regrets not getting to ‘live out’ her crazy/wild twenties”.  I never really knew what I wanted to go to school for, but my dad suggested something in the medical field and thus, I am a Medical Assistant {and part-time Pier 1 Import’s Sales Associate} and I love it. Nick and I met when Peyton was around 9 months old and we have been inseperable ever since. He is so good to me and to my babygirl. We moved into our own apartment about a year ago and are looking forward to the day we get to buy our first home {and I can’t wait to get married and have more babies!}. I dream of being a SAHM and taking care of our family. I am content and oh so very happy to be me.

 The end.
Hopefully I'll be able to somewhat keep up with these daily posts, at least the ones that peak my interest. {Today's was to educate you on something I know alot about or I am good at... I couldn't come up with anything, so we'll just be skipping that. Maybe come back to it another day if I do come up with something.}

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