Thursday, December 17, 2015

9 months || Everett Orion

9 months in, 9 months out! From here on out you'll have been outside of my belly longer than you were in it and that just makes me sad. I can't believe you're already N I N E  whole months old. Where does the time go?  Just... where? Before I know it, I'm gonna turn around and you'll be nine YEARS old. But, let's not get too far ahead of ourselves.
^^ do you spy those two tiny front teeth? ^^
Length| So tall! I don't have an exact height/length for you right now. I'll get ya at your 10 month mark, promise.

Weight| About 25lbs. Super chunk. I mean, you're just the most scrumptious butterball I've ever seen.

Hair| Nothing new or crazy to report. Your hair is still growing steadily. It's definitely wiry like your Dadda's, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for some sweet baby curls in your future!

Eyes| So bright and happy, as always.

^^ what it's like trying to take pictures of you nowadays :P ^^
Nicknames| Rhett, Stinky man, Honey man, Little man, you get the picture ;)

Eats| Puffs, puffs, and more puffs. Cheese. All sorts of baby foods. You seem to really like fruit, but you are honestly willing to eat just about anything. Which is awesome! Pickles and lemons don't even phase you. Also to be noted, we were at the store this weekend and I realized that we only have a few more months of buying formula - thank goodness!

Sleep| Keep up the awesome sleeping habits, sweet man! You are down for the count anywhere between 7:30 and 8:30 (sometimes 8:45ish if you're feeling rambunctious). You nap fairly regularly. I can almost always count on you to fall asleep on the ride home from GiGi's around 3ish for a few minutes. Though, your sister has been giving us quite the run for our money when it comes to bedtime. Ever since she got this GI bug a few weeks ago, shes been waking up in the middle of the night 1-2 times a night just crying and calling for us. Nothing is ever really wrong, but she just wants us to come comfort her and stay with her. Poor girl. I am just thankful that you aren't both up and calling for us all hours of the night. #knockonwood

Clothes| I'd say that we're limited to 12-18 month clothes. It's so crazy to think that you once fit into a newborn onesie... I mean, how were you ever that small when you're so big now?!

Diapers| Size 4, still. And back to the pampers. You potty trained yet?

^^ selfie? ^^
^^ I luuuuuurve your chunky legs, sir ^^

Loves| Mom, Dad, Sister, EVERYONE. // Everything that we talked about last month (which is basically everything in the world). // Being silly and laughing. // Crawling ALL OVER the place so super fast and getting into anything and everything. Especially when you know one of us is chasing after you and you think you're escaping. ;) // When we get ready to go out to the bus stop when Peyton comes home; I swear you know what's happening and that you soon get to see her. // Eating! Good gravy, to you love to eat. // Being naked. If it wasn't for the fact that you would make a huge mess without a diaper on, I am 100% certain you would be pleased as punch to roam the house sans-diaper. // The Christmas tree. I've caught you quite a few times trying to pull off some ornaments or just grab a hold of the branches. // Taking off your shoes and socks, especially in the car. // Trying to rip out my hair on the daily, haha.

Dislikes| Everything that I said last month! Ha. Which included: Being tired but not wanting to go to bed. // Not being held when you're cranky. Or tired. Or when you just want to be held. // Still not a fan of Mama trying to get your boogies out of your nose. Don't think that will ever change. // Having your diaper changed! Oh my word, has this gotten so difficult. You want nothing to do with diapie changes anymore. The second we lay you down on the changing pad, you fuss and try to flip yourself over immediately! Sometimes it takes two people just to keep you belly-up for the single minute it takes to get a new diaper on you. // The same goes for changing your clothes. Such. A. Hassle! // Being confined to your jumper or your walker for any period of time, unless you're in a really happy mood.

Milestones| You can say Mama now! and all sorts of other gibberish including but not limited to: rara, mama, dabama, and ahhhhhbda. // You can stand up all on your own for a handful of seconds and I am sure that you will be walking running around in no time flat. // You are becoming even more interested in eating whatever food we are eating and you even go as far as to try to drink out of my glass with me whenever I take a sip of something. // Along the same lines, your dexterity is improving to the point that whatever you pick up with your tiny (I mean chubby) pincher fingers actually goes in your mouth with better aim now. // You are also becoming more conscious of when you are doing something bad... but you think it's hilarious! Oh man, are we in for some trouble.

Events| Still working on finishing up that mudroom! We'll get there, though. We've just had a few hiccups. // We went to visit Mama's friend Kristin and her sweet new baby boy, Adrian. I can't wait to see you two grow up together since you are only a few months apart. // We celebrated Thanksgiving and it was so much fun! Love me some turkey dinner. // You met Santa for the first time! We went to Rocky Ridge Christmas Magic with your sister and your cousin Noah and you loved looking at all of the lights. // Before that even, we went and got your first Christmas tree! We were on the ball this year and went the Saturday after Thanksgiving to pick one out. Normally, we're scrambling to get to the tree farm around the middle of December. // Christmas is sneaking up so quick and I have been so thrilled preparing for the holiday with you and your sister. This year is our year to have Peyton with us on Christmas morning and I remember how excited I was when I realized last year that you two would be able to spend your first Christmas morning together.


Thursday, December 10, 2015

how I'm feeling

Sometimes life can get a little crazy, ya know?

There's stress everywhere you turn. Especially around the holidays.

No matter how hard you try to be positive, the negativity can just catch up with you.

The kids are driving you up the wall, the laundry is piled waaaay too high (clean and dirty, in multiple areas of the house), the sink has become a mountain of dirty dishes and you haven't had a shower in an embarrassing number of days. You feel like you don't get anything accomplished and that every day seems to mull together into one big blur of work, kids, eat, sleep, repeat. And can I just say one more thing? Bills.

But. There's always a but isn't there?

Those are such minuscule things.

I can honestly look at those "complaints" and come back with:

Those kids driving you crazy?... they're YOUR babies. Your precious little ones that bring so much joy and happiness to your world. Do you know how many people dream and pray to have sweet children of their own? Do you know how lucky you are?

That laundry? Well, 1- you are fortunate enough to not only have money to buy clothes, but also to have running water to wash them in. 2-So what if they sit in piles? Instead of spending your evenings arduously folding laundry, you chose to spend it with your family.

The dishes? Same thing.

The shower? Eh. One day. One day there will come a time when you can take an uninterrupted, lengthy shower. And it will be glorious. Absolutely glorious. But for now, just buy stock in dry shampoo and baby wipes.

Having to go to work everyday? YOU HAVE A JOB. You have the means to provide for you family. You have another purpose in life, outside of the home. You are a part of a team.

Bills to pay? You have heat, electric, reliable cars, food to eat, health insurance, you get the picture. Money is not everything.

Family is everything and happiness is what you make it. Cheesy, corny goodness - but it's the truth!

It's important to take a step back every now and then to realize what exactly you are taking for granted.

Take a deep breath. You've got this. Life is good. Oh, so good.