Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Life lately:

**Please excuse my absence from blogland as of late.**

It seems that recently, I just have found other things to do besides take the time to sit and write out a blog post. I am a true procrastinator.

Those other things mostly include: sleep, work, take care of my little girl (I was going to say "toddler" but I just feel like she might be too old for the word "toddler" now), sleeeeeeeep, and work, work, work some more. I am exhausted all.the.time!

However, some exciting things have taken place during my blog-hiatus! --->

1. You'll be happy to know that we officially have a wedding venue and therefore -- we have an offical wedding date!! It's....

October 4, 2014
{aka: 10/04/14, aka: 10+04=14, aka: I like when dates are tricky like that}
I can NOT wait to be his wife! #ifyoureabirdimabird2014
{we even have our own wedding #hashtag... you know things are serious, now! ha.}

We wanted it to be late enough in the fall that the leaves would be changing, but not so late that it would be freezing for the ceremony and reception. Luckily, for 10/04 this year, it was nearly in the 80s and the leaves are at least starting to turn into those beautiful oranges and reds we love so much.

The venue couldn't be more perfect! It's everything we were looking for, they provide catering (and will pretty much make whatever we ask them to make -- Hello, Thanksgiving-style dinner!), it's totally within the budget, AND they're building a rustic barn over the winter (to be complete by April 2014) to house the reception!

2. WE FOUND (& purchased & ordered) MY WEDDING DRESS! Eeeeeeeeek! So exciting I tell ya! I ended up choosing the one that was exactly what I had set out looking for. It is beautiful. I wish I could share a picture, but at least we have LESS THAN A YEAR until I get to wear that beauty for the big day.

3. We have a new contract on a house and we are supposed to close on OCTOBER 31st! It is not in the school district we had hoped for unfortunately, but it is only about 1 mile outside of said school district.

It is close to our families and is a beauuutiful home with a great yard. There are a few projects for us to work on, but they're nothing major -- and by doing those projects, it will only make it feel more like OUR home.

Our lives have been super hectic recently and we have some big and exciting changes coming up for us.
I am loving every minute of it...

& I am so thankful for all that we have.