Sunday, November 6, 2016

Halloween 2016

Halloween was Finnick's first holiday... but it kind of got pushed down on the totem pole. I mean, I wouldn't have even had costumes for the kids if 1- my mom hadn't bought Peyton one on a whim when they went to the store together one day (even though she didn't actually wear said costume on Halloween, #kids), 2- Rhett's batman costume didn't still fit from last year (it was a size 2T that we made work last year, which meant that it actually fit this year and 3- my cousin didn't have an extra Tootsie Roll infant costume for Finn.

What it's like trying to get a cohesive picture of three little ones.
We didn't even go to a pumpkin patch this year! Nick took Rhett and Peyton to Walmart one night and they picked from the "patch" there. :P

I guess that's what happens when you have a baby in the month of October. All of those extra Fall traditions kind of get pushed to the side in favor of sleeping, nursing, and overall just adjusting to life with 3 kids.

We did manage to get the kids dressed up and out the door on Halloween night, though! They were so cute and it was so much fun watching Rhett grasp the concept of trick-or-treating.

The costume she was supposed to wear.
There was a point towards the end of the night that Rhett went to grab a piece of candy out of a neighbor's bucket and instead of putting it in his treat bag, he turned around and put it in a little girl's bag instead. I'm pretty sure he thought it was Peyton who he was giving the candy to, but it was adorable nonetheless!

I can't wait to see this trio next year! Maybe Finn will be the one in the Batman outfit then and won't sleep the whole time! :P So excited for Thanksgiving and Christmastime with these three!


Sunday, October 30, 2016


Finnick "Finn" Charles Eagle
born October 12, 2016 at 2:19pm.

Weighing 8lbs 6oz and measuring 21.5 inches long.
He is pure perfection.
Life with 3 kids is pure chaos...
But, I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

37 weeks // Our Third Baby Bird

Technically, we're over 37 and a half weeks. Which means we're almost 38 weeks. Which means this baby could come any day now! *cue the anxiety!*

I'd say we're so ready to meet him, but I just still feel so ridiculously unprepared. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled to finally meet this little man that has been growing inside of my belly all of this time... but, I am also slightly (okay, very) terrified of delivery and everything that goes with it.

For some reason, this time around just has me nervous and very anxious about what will happen when it comes time to have this little one. Peyton's delivery was the traditional "start contractions at home, time them, come in when they're this far apart, labor for a while, get your epidural, labor some more, push out that baby, tada - she's here!".

Rhett's ended up being an induction and it was so laid back and easy going, even for being an induction, that I just feel like we got really lucky to have such "easy" deliveries with those two. 

For Nick and I, it always seems that we get shafted when it comes to good luck. 

So, thinking that there is no way that this delivery is going to be as easy as the previous two isn't really that far-fetched. For our sake, though, I sure hope this little man proves us wrong and comes just as smoothly as his brother and sister. 

Since I have done absolutely no bump updates here on the blog this time around, I figured we had better go ahead and do one, just for fun:

Size of Baby: a honeydew melon or a striped skunk (yes, really!) - about 6.17 pounds and 18.9 inches long (say the baby apps on my phone).

Weight Gain:  Uhh, no clue. I think around 25-27ish? I can never remember what weight I started out as, so it's hard to add up the pounds, but I know that I started out heavier than I did with Everett.

Maternity Clothes: YES, yes and yes. That's really about all that works now. Or oversized shirts or dresses. It's starting to get cooler now. So, I may be able to pull out some of my maternity sweaters from when I was pregnant with Rhett.

Stretch marks: The same ones from last time and then I think that I can see a few beginning underneath my belly button. I have been trying so hard to keep my belly lotion-ed and my skin hydrated so that I do not end up with too many tiger stripes, but we'll see what happens these last few weeks.

Symptoms: heartburn, fatigue, lower back/sciatic pain and just being really, really uncomfortable. My body is physically ready to be done with this pregnancy... I just don't think I'm mentally ready yet. ;)

Cravings: ICE. Gimme all da ice. Our ice maker has been having issues crushing our ice, but I have no issues chewing on regular cubes. I did visit Sonic twice within the past two weeks and was in Heaven with their crushed ice - seriously, a pregnant lady's dream. As far as food, I could always go for a slice of pizza and now that it's getting cooler, I'm happy to indulge in items like chili or soups. But, again, the heartburn is making that kind of difficult these days.

Gender: boy, of course. Another little brother!

Mood: NERVOUS. Unprepared. Scared. Excited. Happy. But very anxious. I can't believe we're going to have THREE kids.

Nursery: is nearly complete! Just a few things left to do, like touch up the paint on the rocking chair and find/create some art for one of the frames.

Movement: Yes. Just less. Or maybe not so much "less" as, "less room for him to actually move around". He really does try to squirm and kick me, but with the position he's in (head down, on his left side, and legs up in my right side of my torso/ribs) it's just not easy for him to do anything other than karate kick a rib every once in a while. 

Sleep: sleep? What sleep? 

What I Miss: Being comfortable in my own body. Being able to get comfortable when I sit or lay down. Being comfortable when I'm standing. Not having heartburn.

Belly Button in or out?  Out. All the way out, haha.

Wedding rings on or off? On, but snug as a bug in a rug.

Anything making you queasy or sick:  Not really, thank goodness.  

Best Moment This Week: Last night, my mom watched Peyton and Everett went to bed at his normal-ish 7:30pm bedtime. So, Nick and I binge watched Stranger Things on Netflix (so good!) and ate ice cream, while snuggled up on the couch. It was nice to just have a few hours of "us" time, because Lord knows we won't be getting much of that in the coming months. #thatnewbornparentlife

Labor Signs: a few contractions if I exert myself too much, but other than that, nothing too crazy.

Looking Forward To: 1- Finally feeling prepared and like this is actually, really happening. I don't know why we're still in shock over here. Maybe it's just because we didn't exactly plan for this pregnancy to happen when it did, so we never really were able to come to terms with the actual end result. 2- His car seat to arrive! We ordered it last Monday and it still hasn't come yet. Apparently, as of now, it's in Ohio and supposed to get here on Wednesday. Fingers crossed that baby doesn't come before then! 3- Picking a name for this sweet baby. I think we're narrowing down our list of names... I think. 4- Hopefully, Nick and I will be able to squeeze in an anniversary date-night before this little one's arrival, as our wedding anniversary is on October 4th. But, I'm not even sure we'll make it to October before delivering.. so, we'll see!

All in all, I just still can't believe it. Another little baby bird for the Eagle family. We'll be a family of FIVE - a whole hand's worth of people. I can't wait! ...but I can. Take your time, little one. This mama still has to pack our hospital bags :P


Thursday, August 4, 2016

10 weeks left! // Time is flying

She is a sister obsessed with her baby brothers. Always kissing my belly and loving on Everett.
Y'all, I knew I wouldn't post nearly as much about this pregnancy, just with time constraints and a busy life with two kids... but I didn't expect that I wouldn't post a single update until I was 75% of the way through it!

Time is flying so fast these days. I feel like I say that all of the time on here, but it has seriously kicked into overdrive this past year. I mean, it's AUGUST for crying out loud!

Maybe it's the fact that I have 2, well 3 counting my belly, kids but I literally feel the days slipping through my fingers. Or maybe it's because I'll officially be on my way to my late twenties by the end of the month. Yikes. Not that I have any problems with getting older (I know that I'm still so young!) but my mom sure made me feel old this weekend when she thought I was turning a year younger and then freaked when she realized how "close" I am to turning 30, ha!

Either way, time is flying, this pregnancy is flying, and there is nothing that I can do to slow it down. I can only enjoy it, and I have been.

Little man is always wriggling around in my belly. We've reached the point where sleep is hard, breathing is hard, sitting down for too long is hard because there's not much space in my torso for the little motorcycle-helmet sized baby and all of my organs (i.e.: my lungs, mostly) so it just can be super uncomfortable -- especially when he is trying to do some roundhouse kicks to my ribs.

All of that said, I LOVE IT. I love being pregnant. Sure, you're tired and miserable, moody, and your body quite literally doesn't belong to just you anymore; but it is the most rewarding and amazing experience that I have gone through. Feeling these not-so-little baby kicks and hiccups and knowing that another little person that you (and your significant other) created is just weeks away from meeting you, it's so surreal. You're literally creating a person... how awesome is that?!

Many people have asked if we're done having children after this baby. I haven't felt committed 100% to any answer that I have come up with so far. I've maintained that another is not entirely off of the table at this point - but, ask me that in a few more months or even a year from now, and my answer may just be a song of a different tune. ;) I haven't felt like this is my last pregnancy but who knows. All I can tell you is that it is certainly not in the plan to have another for at least 2-3 more years after this, if at all.

Be back with more soon!

PS- Aren't the floors gorgeous in the picture above!? They're the ones in the baby's room and they are hopefully getting sealed tonight so that we can start working on the painting (the trim, ceiling, and walls) this weekend. Eeeeeeek!


Friday, July 29, 2016

Five on Friday

Life has been so crazy lately and I keep wanting to get on here to document all that is going on with us, but the time to do so just seems to elude me. And then when I do manage to find the time, this pregnancy has me run so ragged that I just want to lay on the couch and let my belly hang out, ha!

So, I figured, what better way to play catch up than with a quick list of five things that have been going on as of late with this nest of ours:

1 -  It has been HOT and HUMID this past week. I mean, miserably so. When the thermometer outside reads 90+ degrees, and inside your house is reading 80 degrees even with fans, AC, and window units on... there isn't much else to do other than go dip yourself in the kiddie pool outback and chow down on ice cream.
Add caption

2 - In the same token, would you hate me if I said I'm ready for fall already? Just thinking about wearing layers and feeling that crisp, autumn air (instead of sweating my butt off in a t-shrit and shorts) has me all sorts of excited! Plus, fall = baby time!

3 - Even with this heat, I am ready (so ready!) to tackle baby boy's room. We were hoping to sand down the hardwoods in his room last weekend, but that ended up not happening. So, I sure hope that we can get it done this weekend. We have it basically all prepped, other than replacing a few boards near the door before we get started and the sander is on hold for us to rent at our local hardware store, so it looks like it's all green lights from here! My only concern with this floors is that they're old; and old floors creak. And babies and creaky wood floors do not mix well when you are trying to lay them down in their crib and sneak away, undetected. Perhaps the area rug we purchased will help cushion our footsteps just a little enough? We'll see! ;)

4 - Has anyone seen the trailer for The Girl on the Train, yet? Oh man, it looks super good! I loved Gone Girl and I feel like it has a similar dark, suspenseful vibe to it. So, last week I decided I should read the book to see how/if I really like it. Besides, I think it's best to ready books-turned-movies before you see the actual movie so you know more of the details that they just couldn't fit or had to change in the film to make it work.

I read the sample off of iBooks in, like, two minutes (I was hooked!) and had the hubs download it for me. I finished it that weekend since Peyton was away at the beach with some family and I had a little more time to myself. Seriously, so good, guys! I'll probably have to read it again before the movie comes out, since that isn't until the beginning of October... which should be when we're having a baby! So, who knows if the hubs and I will be going on a date to see it with my big belly in tow.

5 - I had to take my 28 week glucose test this week (I'm 29 weeks, 30 on Tuesday - oops!) and I was dreading it. I just had this feeling that it was going to come back high and that I would have to take the 3 hour test. Buuuuut, lucky me, I passed! Hashtag confetti cone emoji. I celebrated afterwards by indulging in some Dunkin Donuts, because tired mamas run on Dunkin, amiright?

6- (sorry, but I have to include this one!) Three years ago, this past Wednesday, I woke up to the sweetest and best thing a lady could wake up to: a marriage proposal! (Original post: here.) I can't believe it's been 3 years since that day that Nick asked me to spend forever with him, but at the same time, it seems like forever ago. This is going to sound cheesy, but I know that I am so blessed to be with someone who loves me the way he does and to spend our lives together, loving on our little ones, too. 

That's all, folks! I'm hoping to be back soon with more nursery progress and life happenings.


Thursday, July 14, 2016

Our Third Baby Bird // Nursery Design Board

After much thought and hard work, I finally present to you the design board for our newest little man's nursery! I am so proud of the look that I've come up with thus far (it's always subject to change) and I am chomping at the bit to get started on making this dream come to fruition. 

whale print  //  swaddle blankets  //  cart  //  crib  //  floor pouf  //
wall decor  //  whale plush  //  small basket  // large basket  //  dresser  //
table lamp  //  floor lamp  //  whale shaker  //  rug

The whale print is pretty much where my design inspiration took off. When Nick and I initially began talking nursery design, he mentioned that he liked the idea of "under the sea". Now, as much as I love anything under the sea, I didn't want this space to be all bright colors and in-your-face sea creatures.

Peyton's nursery was a BRIGHT pink and orange and kind of overboard with the crib bedding, wallpaper border, lamp, mobile, etc. allllll matching. It was super cute... but just not where I want to go now. Even Everett's room was kind of a bold color choice, though his "theme" is way more toned down and I actually still love his room.

You can see Rhett's nursery reveal here.

I think I've learned my lesson that, although I love bold color choices, they are best saved for accents in a room and not an all over wall color - at least for my personal design taste anyways. I say this as I'm sitting in our TEAL living room... with the navy and yellow dining room right next door. To mention that I am dying to repaint the whole downstairs would be the understatement of the year.

But, I digress. I am really craving a super light gray color on the walls for this room. Just enough gray to give some contrast to all of the white pieces I am hoping to fill the room with, but light enough to keep the space bright and airy-feeling. 

Our next door neighbors moved not too long ago and one morning, they left this beautiful old rocking chair out on the curb for the garbage truck. Luckily, I scooped it right up and brought it over to our house and I have big plans to sand it down and paint it either white or a shade of blue or grey. I wanted a rocker/glider for little man's room and, since Rhett's current glider doesn't really match the design for this space, I was more than happy to come across this relatively inexpensive alternative!

Speaking of inexpensive alternatives, I LOVE the aqua floor pouf from Land of Nod... but also don't want to spend $100 on something to prop my feet up on. I'm hoping that maybe I can find some beautiful aqua colored yarn and knit my own cover for an ottoman that we already have; or maybe find some other (less expensive) option. But it sure is pretty. #swoon

We will be ripping up the carpet here soon and refinishing the hardwoods in his room, and I am pretty undecided regarding stain. Do we go dark? Light? Paint them?! So many options. So little ability to make a decision easily on my part. Oy. 

Overall, my idea is to keep it clean and simple, with basing the accent colors of the room off of the whale print - that I plan to purchase in either an 8x10 or 11x14 to place above the crib and hopefully have Nick build a simple wood frame for.

I feel like this will create an "under the sea" feel for the room, while not really being all about sea creatures and still keeping it neutral. What do you think? What would you add or take away?


Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Our third baby bird // Nursery Progress

Wasn't it just yesterday that we were getting a room ready for Everett?! It sure feels like it. Except now we're prepping for our second little man to join us, and it is just as exciting! These are a few of the pins that I've come across that have inspired my design for little man numero dos' nursery:


I'm loving this color palette ^^ and can't wait to turn this room into the bright, airy space that I am envisioning. The thought is to go with a little bit of a whale theme, but not go overboard with it. Just enough to hint at the idea of it and give the room a little bit of direction.

This pregnancy has gone so very fast. I mean, I'm already at week 25. Which means there's only a little more than 14 weeks left to go at this point and that really only translates to about 3.5 months. When you think about the fact that pregnancy is basically a 10 month process... we're really down to what seems like the end of it here! That third trimester is right around the corner, my friends.

So, in true Eagle fashion, we are (and by we, I mean my husband is) having to work pretty hard on getting some substantial room renovating done before we can actually start putting together baby's nursery.

The room that we are putting baby in was dubbed "The Lizard Room" as it held a Bearded Dragon, Frilled Dragon, Vietnamese Mossy Frog, a Veiled Chameleon and a Chinchilla. Unfortunately, the Chinchilla and the Bearded Dragon both passed away recently, however the remaining animals were sent upstairs to the other half of the attic (opposite of where our bedroom currently is) to help clear out that room for little man #2. Because of there being lizards and technically a small rodent living in what is now "Baby's room", there is a whole lot of cleaning that needs done.

My main goal is to rip up the carpet that is in that room because 1- it's old, 2- the animals were stinky and I just want it gone, 3- there is a salad plate sized hole near one of the windows due to one of the heat lamps for the lizards falling and burning a perfect hole into the carpet (basically in the very first week that we moved into this house. So glad it didn't catch on fire and just stayed contained beneath the lamp!). Unfortunate as the hole in the carpet is, it actually revealed some pretty decent hardwoods underneath of it and since that day that we found out that little bit of information, I have been daydreaming of the potential that room holds with some pretty, refinished floors!


Neutral but with some blues thrown in. Whale inspired but not theme-overload. Simple and not over the top. Those are my thoughts going in to the design of this space for our new, sweet boy.

Can't wait to get the room cleared out, the floors finished, and start decorating. Like I said, little man will be here before we know it!


Sunday, May 29, 2016

In Bloom

Every Spring, I hold my breath and wait for our peony bushes to bloom. They run basically the whole length of our sidewalk and they are so beautiful. Unfortunately, this year it seems they're literally all blooming at once which means that in a week or so, they'll all be gone. But for now, I'll enjoy every square inch of them.

We also have these terrible weeds that grow up, in between the peony bushes every year. They're sticky and pretty much the worst to try to remove. I wish I knew how to prevent them from ever coming back. 

"Ma, this picture would look cute and all, but I need to get up and run towards the swingset..."

 Yesterday morning I went to open up the windows to let some fresh air in before the heat took over and was greeted by this rose bush explosion. Love, love, love me some peach roses and I am SO happy that we have this giant bush to call our own and I'll be sad to leave it whenever we move.

Seriously, my most favorite flowers. Wish you could smell them! ;) Also: Peyton calls peonies, "panties" and it. Is. Hilarious.


Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Summer of the Zoo

For Peyton's birthday this year, my Mom was amazing and bought her/(us) a zoo membership! Not only does she love anything having to do with animals, but so do we! AND, best part? It makes for a relatively inexpensive and fun family outing for the summer weekends to come.

Last weekend, we decided to give it a go and, even though the forecast that day mostly called for rain, the few hours we were there were sunny, breezy and pure perfection!

I didn't know they had an Eagle nest at the zoo.... ;)

It took FOR-EV-ER to convince this wild woman that she would, in fact, NOT fall into the water if she jumped on these lilypads. But, once she finally realized she would be fine, she wanted to do it over and over again.

Goobers at lunch. The food, albeit a little pricey, was actually really good! And we managed to nab two souvenir cups for future trips, which is a definite plus and a necessity for the hotter days of summer to come.

Pretending to feed the little blue penguin her animal crackers.

Aaaaand he finally took a nap! #doublehighfiveemoji

We didn't get to spend the whole day there, but we did have a great time and I can see numerous trips back this summer in our future. Though, with the more pregnant I get and the hotter the temps are, I might need to be the one pushed around in a stroller. Thank you for the membership, GiGi!


Thursday, March 31, 2016

Guess what!!

There's ANOTHER baby Eagle hatching in October 2016!

This is such an exciting surprise for us and we are so thrilled to be adding yet another sweet little babe to our family, albeit much quicker than we had planned. ;)

Peyton is, of course, over the moon excited! She quite literally asks me every 5 minutes "How is that little baby doing, Mom?". She is the most adorable little mother hen, and I am so grateful for her caring heart. She is also dead-set on this baby being a girl. I sure hope her little self isn't too terribly upset if she's stuck with another brother. :P Everett is none the wiser, but I am sure he will be looking forward to having a younger brother or sister to play with!

Ah! Here we go! AGAIN.


Thursday, March 10, 2016

Everett Orion // You're One!

*warning: picture overload ahead*

You are one year old. You are a toddler, no longer an infant.

When? .... How? .... What??

That went so fast. It flew. Every single month just whooosh! Gone in an instant.

You're the brightest, funniest, chunkiest little man. And we love you so.

And you love cake. Oh boy, do you ever love cake. (see for yourself ---->)

The love that you and Peyton have for each other just melts my mama heart. Melts it right into a big puddle of mush on every single floor of this house.

But, I suppose there is a thing as too much cake (who knew, right?)...

My goodness, sweet boy, I'm fearful of closing my eyes even to blink anymore. Before I know it, you'll be 5... and then 13... and then 18...

Time, you sure are tricky. Be good to us.
Happy 1 year, Everett Orion.
Mama loves you.