Sunday, May 12, 2013

Something I Miss.

{Day 12 of the Blog Everyday In May Challenge:}
The something I am currently missing is a place. A place known as:

My Dad, Sister, Nick, and I all went there as my graduation-from-YTI present.
 {Fun fact:  we were actually there this time two years ago!}
 We spent countless hours snorkeling and immersing ourselves in the sea life as much as possible.
We spent one night being totally silly/crazy thanks to a very talented {as in got us drunk. fast.} bartender named Segi.
We soaked up the Caribbean Sun and had tan lines {oh, how I miss being tan}.
We ate delicious food.
We swam with and fed stingrays {from our hands!} at Stingray City.
We enjoyed every. single. minute.
To say we are long overdue for another vacation is a total understatement.
Thankfully, in no less than 52 days, we will all {including Peyton and my mom} be headed to Turks & Caicos for 10 whole days!!
I can not wait to take Peyton on the plane, to show her the clear blue waters, and to hopefully get her to do some snorkeling and see all of the beautiful fish under the sea!
It'll be even better than our Grand Cayman trip, I'm sure {and that's saying something!}.

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