Thursday, May 9, 2013

Today, My Baby Had Surgery.

This is an account of how our day has gone so far. Today, my baby had to have dental "rehabilitation" done on her poor baby teefers {the girl has awful teeth}. In totally, she was under anesthesia for 3 hours but is now CAVITY FREE! She's so thrilled. I'm just happy that everything went smoothly today.

Here we go:

6:43am - We arrive at the surgical center a few minutes late {usual for us}.
{loved the morning mist on the fields as we were driving to the surgical center so much that I thought it was worth documenting.}
6:45am - complete the check-in process.
6:50am - we head back to the pre-op area. There we talk with the nurse who then takes her vital signs.
7:00am - talk with the anesthetist. He brings back a small pinkish/purple pre-med "cocktail" for Peyton {intended to make the separation much easier when they go to take her back to the OR.}
Hey Doc, can I get some of that!? I'm one super anxious momma here! I kid. I kid.
I thought she would put up a fight about drinking the stuff, but she chugged it like a champ without a problem.


10 min. later - Peyton is starting to get a little delirious and loop thanks to the pre-meds. The nurses arrive to wheel her back
She's fine. Seems really sleepy and snuggles up with her dolphin and tiger beneath her pink blankie. She goes with them without a hitch...
Meanwhile, I'm crying like a baby.
We make our way out to the waiting room to do just that, wait.
{and to drink some really wonderful nasty coffee.}

8:15am - Nurse Kim calls out to let me know that everything is going swell. Peyton went to sleep without a problem and didn't seem scared or cry one single tear.
{That "cocktail" really did the trick!}
They did 7 x-rays to double-check what all they needed to do and Kim says she'll call back in about half an hour to let me know what the plan is.

8:20am - Nick leaves to go get us breakfast/libations. There are still knots in my stomach and I feel like I could burst into tears at any moment. Just the thought of my baby with her eyes taped shut and a breathing tube down her little throat makes me shudder...

8:40am - Nick arrives back with a McGriddle in hand.
{I'm in total fatty heaven at this point.}

8:45am - I'm feeling the full effects of said McGriddle... and it is NOT good. Those things are WAYYY too greasy and heavy in your stomach. Yuck. At least my orange juice is good...

8:50am - Nurse Kim calls back. They won't need to be doing any extractions today {thank goodness!!}. Two of her back molars were cleared to have sealant put on them. The Catch?: Insurance isn't gonna cover it. But, I'd rather be safe than sorry, so I say "Go ahead and seal 'em up!". She says she'll call back again soon.

9:32am - Ring ring, ring ring. It's Nurse Kim again. She states that so far, the dentist has put two silver crowns on Peyton's teeth. She is expecting to receive the "30 min. warning" soon, meaning this whole process should be wrapping up shortly.
{Which is great news, because these waiting room chairs are in no way, shape, or form comfortable enough to sit/lay on for any longer than 5 min. 3hrs.}

Exhibit A: our 49th attempt at getting comfy in those awful chairs. We have no shame.

10:00am - Nurse Kim makes her last call out to us. The dentist has given her the 30 min. warning, so things are starting to wind down. When they're done in the OR, they'll take her out to do 2 more x-rays and then take her to recovery {where they'll remove her breathing tube and wake her up}. The dentist will then come out to talk with us {about another 45-60 min. from now} and then we'll FINALLY get to go back and be with our baby.

10:40am - The dentist comes out. She tells us everything went great. Peyton needed two pulpotomys {a children's version of a root canal} and she now has three silver crowns, two "sealed" teeth, and multiple fillings.
{I told you this girl has bad teeth!}

10:45am - The nurse takes us back to recovery, where our sweet and sleepy baby was waiting. She did wonderfully, but was so groggy and kept letting out these heartbreaking moans. She drank some a lot of water and just wanted to snuggle. The anesthetist and nurse talked to us and told us what to expect for today.

11:15am - we're homeward bound!

11:45am - we've made it home safe and sound. We will be spending the afternoon/evening snuggling on the couch and watching Disney movies.

I think this post could also count as today's Blog Everyday In May challenge of "A moment of your day"... it's just more than one moment.Which is okay, because I've been doing more than one of whatever-the-daily-prompt-is anyways, ha.
The end.


  1. She did wonderfully :) running around and back to her goober self

    1. You commented! Yay! haha. Yes, she did. I wouldn't have expected any less of her

  2. aww, she looks so cute with her eyes closed like that.


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