Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

For Mother's Day, we celebrated yesterday with brunch:
 For eats there was:
 Pecan Praline French Toast, Southwestern Egg Casserole, bacon, sausage, and a fruit tart.
And of course, there was Mimosa Punch and Iced Coffee for drinking.
We all had marvelously stuffed tummies by the time the party was over and we just really enjoyed being able to spend the time together. Whenever my Aunt is involved, there's almost always a round or two of Catchphrase to be played. And I love it.
My cousin's little boy. He's getting so big!
My baby, Me, my Momma {GiGi}, my Grammy, and my Aunt.
 I hope that everyone has a wonderful Mother's Day today and that you each get at least a backrub or enjoyed a nice cup of coffee in peace this morning!
Much love to you and your little ones!
To my Momma:
 You are so amazing. Truly, you are. I can not thank you enough for always being there for me and for everything that you do for me, Jen, and Peyton. You are the most caring, selfless person I know and if anyone deserves breakfast in bed, a thousand foot rubs, and a bouquet of flowers {EVERYDAY, not just Mother's day} it's you.
Thank you for being the best Momma I could've ever hoped for. 
I love you to the moon and back.

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