Sunday, July 12, 2015

4 Months // Everett Orion

Sweet boy, I can't believe that you are 1/3 of the way through your first year already! Gosh, every month I'll probably be saying some version of the statement "I can't believe how old you are now!", but it really is true. I just can't believe how fast the time is going. We are so lucky to be your parents and we are thankful everyday that we get to watch you and your sister grow up and learn new things. Life without you two would be very dull, that is for sure. I am looking forward to what this next month holds for you, little man.

We love you.

Length|  You didn't have a 3 month check up. I'm not sure why, but the pediatrician said we could skip the 3 month appt and just wait until the 4 month check up. So, I don't have an official length for you right now, but geez are you ever long! I swear, you are almost as tall as your sister. Your SIX year old sister! Haha.

Weight| You've gotta be at least fifty pounds by now. Well, maybe not quite that much, but man oh man are you chunking up! I love it. We'll find out soon enough at your next appt, but I'd venture to say that you are at least 20 lbs by now.

Hair| Since losing most of your hair (other than a little strip across the very back of your head), you have started to grow back a few long crazy strands! I'm almost 100% positive that you are gonna have your dadda's curly locks, though I think they are gonna be a light brown/dark blonde color like your sister's hair.

Eyes| Still hazel, and still so big and bright. I could look at your happy little self all day long.

Nicknames| Rhett, Little Man, Stinky Boy, Chunky Man, Chunk, Chunk-a-Monk, Bud

Eats| No more breastfeeding. Womp womp. But I'm still trying to get you some breast milk through pumping, even though my pump pooped out... but it's okay because your Dadda is awesome and will be able to (hopefully!) fix it tomorrow and then I won't have to use the dinky hand pump that the hospital provided us with. You're still a piggy and eat all day long, about 5-8 oz a feeding (sometimes more!). We really don't have to stop to burp you during your feedings, which is a good thing... even though you still find ways to sneakily spit up on us occasionally.

Sleep| Still going well, though I have heard of that dreaded "4 month sleep regression" so we'll see if that rears its ugly head here this month. You're quite the little furnace (just like Dad!) and you get so hot when you sleep that swaddling you really is just not an option at this point. We ordered a few lightweight aden + anais sleeping bags because you just don't sleep as well if you don't have some sort of blanket and I worry about loose blankets in your bassinet (even if they are the breathable, muslin kind). Regardless, you still sleep from about 9:30pm-7:30am with maybe one diaper change & a quick few ounces from a bottle but then you're back to sleep. The nap situation is still scattered and completely unpredictable, but that's okay. We are not a family with a routine schedule, so I don't expect you to be on any sort of schedule either.

Clothes| Well, you seem to be growing out of even your 3 month clothing, which makes sense now that you're 4 months. But what seems crazy to me is that even some of your 3-6 month outfits seem to be bursting at the buttons! I blame it on your adorable chunky-ness, which I absolutely love! Nom nom nom.

Diapers| We used up all of those Honest brand diapers I mentioned in your last update, simply because we were afraid you wouldn't fit in them much longer. You're still rockin' the size 2's, but I've got a feeling that you're headed toward the 3's any day now.

Loves|  Moving! - You are a squirmy little man and you love to take in everything around you. // You still love to munch on your hands (and anything that you can get your hands on). // Giving everyone who talks to you a shy smile and then turning your face towards whoever is holding you, only to peek back at the person talking to you and smile some more. You are still such a happy, happy baby. // Your sister - she makes you laugh and smile like no one else. // Blowing bubbles and making noises. // Eating- as evidenced by your extreme chunk.

Dislikes| Still not a fan of Momma picking your boogies or your nose being touched, don't think that's gonna change for a while. // Waiting for a bottle to be brought to you when you are hungry. // The heat + being sweaty. // Sitting still. You have to be squirming around at all times. // Being gassy! Man do you have a fit if you have a toot stuck in your poor little belly. But once that is released, you're back to being a happy little man.

Milestones| Rolling over!! You have completely mastered this skill; that shoulder is no longer in your way. You'd roll all over the place if we let you. // Sitting up like a champ, still with some help of course. You can sit in your Bumbo seat (even though your little chunky legs get stuck in there, leaving the seat stuck to your bum whenever we try to get you out), but your head still wobbles a little bit. But you're working on that! // Still always sucking on your hands or your toys. You have definitely started reaching for your toys more and I think that you are already teething, because the drool seems to be nonstop and you just love to chew, chew, chew. // You have given us a few short bursts of what seems to be a laugh, but no full on giggling yet. You're so darn happy all day long (unless there is a gas fit, of course), and it makes me happy to see you so happy.

Events| We celebrated Father's Day by giving your Dadda a handmade gift from Peyton and a little book from you. Your Aunt Nenna got her tonsils out. There was the Fourth of July (your GiGi's birthday!), followed by your Grammy's birhtday (which was celebrated by breakfast at Cracker Barrel where your Papa Ron gave you a small taste of some blackberry jam! - that you got all over your face) and you met your Great Great Uncle Charlie. You also witnessed your very first shark week (very important!). Overall, we've just been enjoying the summer nights, even if there has been an abundance of rain lately.