Thursday, April 18, 2013

just one of those days

Today was just one of those days.
Some people just have bad attitudes toward life.
Some people just want to create conflict with anyone and/or everyone because they are having conflict of their own within themselves and their lives.
 Sometimes you work with people like that.
And sometimes you end up dreading the time spent with them during those work hours.
Like I said, today was one of those days.
Now, rewind back to this morning:
{before the stress}
Peyton and I woke up on time, did our usual Thursday morning routine,
brushed our teeth, grabbed a pecan twirl for the drive, and were on our way to Gigi's house.
We pulled up the driveway, parked, spotted "Figaro/Sylvester/Rooster" {my parent's neighbor's cat who is constantly at their house}, and we got out of the car.
The first thing Peyton did was grab these two rocks from my parent's gravel driveway. She said "Oooh, Momma, these are pretty! You need to take them to work with you!"
So, I put them in my pocket, gave her plenty of hugs and kisses, dropped her off with Gigi, and was on my way to work.
Fast forward back to the horrendous end of my work day:
Normally, I'm not even there late Thursday nights.
But tonight I was covering for a co-worker until 5pm so she could watch her daughter run at her track meet and come back.
I'm not gonna lie, as soon as she came back and I saw her, I ran to hug her.
I was so happy to see her.
I've never been so ready to go home.
I went to the back office to clean out my pockets for the day
and this is what I found:
I cried.
Those two little rocks had been in my pocket all day.
{I had totally forgotten about them.}
In that moment, it was just what I needed.
I needed that little reminder. That "Hey Momma, I love you."
It's like she knew that I was gonna need that today.
Bless my little baby. She reminded me what's important in life.
Family. Love. Happiness.
Moral of the story: Don't let those unhappy people get you down.
{It's just unfortunate when you have to work with them.}
*PS- I know there are much worse things in life to be upset about. But today, I just needed to vent.*

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