Tuesday, May 12, 2015

2 months // Everett Orion

Boy, oh boy are the days going so fast! And you are literally growing right before our eyes! This stage has been so. much. fun!: watching you make silly faces, big gummy grins, and the sweetest coos. We are so in love with you, sweet stink. 

Length| We will find out at your 2 month check up in a few weeks!

Weight| You're still our little chunk, though I have no clue what exactly you're weighing in at these days. I suppose we will find out soon!

Hair| Well, you have certainly acquired a receding hair line and overall your hair does seem to be thinning out, but you're still holding strong! Hopefully it doesn't all fall out before it gets better. Still a brown-ish color, though I don't believe it is as dark as it once was.

Eyes| Still a grey/blue but they seem to be lightening up a little bit! We are anxious to see where they go from here.

Nicknames| Rhett, Baby Love, Little Man, Sweet Boy, Stink, Little Stink, King of the Poops, Poops McGee

Eats| You're still quite the little piggy. Eating whenever you please and eating anywhere from 5 to 8oz a feeding. I am still pumping, though I am not quite making enough to satisfy your hunger. So, you're at about 50% breast milk and 50% formula. We've started using the Dr. Brown's bottles because the Nuk or Avent ones seemed to have nipples with a flow that was just too fast for your little self. It was like you were just trying to suck the milk down so fast that it ended up just running out of the side of your mouth.

Sleep| Still doing so great! (Let's hope that continues!) Falling asleep around 10pm for the long haul and waking up once for a diaper change and some food anywhere between 2:30 and 5am. Your dad feeds you while I pump and if we're lucky, we both get to go back to sleep before he has to wake up for work at 5am. You're still co-sleeping with us and though I not-so-secretly love being sandwiched between your sweet little self and your Dadda every night, we have tried to get you to at least fall asleep in your bassinet or crib to start the night off... and then you end up back in bed with us after your mid-night feast.

Clothes| You've been wearing anything from 0-3mo to 3-6mo ever since you hit the 1 month mark! It is sad to see you grow out of clothing already, but it is exciting to watch at the same time.

Diapers| Still size 1! And we are definitely preferring the Pamper's swaddlers over any other brand at this point. Also to be noted, you have had some serious blowouts lately! Sometimes your diapers just don't stand a single chance, haha.

Loves| Waking up in the morning! - seriously, you are so happy and smile-y once someone comes to greet you as you're waking up. Laying on your changing pad and just taking in everything around you, observing and watching. Listening to Momma or Dad (and especially Big Sis) be silly and try to get you to smile and coo. Being swaddled in your aden + anais blankets at night. Being outside (thank goodness for warm weather, finally!).

Dislikes| Still not the biggest fan of your mamaroo. When I have to get your little boogies out of your nose. Waiting for a bottle to be made when you are hungry.

Milestones| Smiling! Oh, the smiling. You've gotten so very good at that these past few weeks. Just recently you've started giggling a little and cooing and talking to us more and just when I think I couldn't have turned into a bigger pile of mush, you make some new sound or give me an even bigger gummy smile and I just melt even more. You are SO alert (everyone you meet comments about this!) and you absolutely love to take in your surroundings - you don't like to miss a single thing! Every day you get stronger and stronger which means you can hold your head up for longer periods of time as well as grasp things more and even try to pull yourself towards what ever you are holding on to.

Events| I had to go back to work about 3 weeks ago now, which is just as fun as it sounds (read: I really, really don't like being away from you or your sister all day long!). Luckily, your Aunt Nenna or your GiGi watch you during the day and you absolutely love spending time with them. We had your sister's 6th (family) birthday party where she got a swing set as a birthday present - I can't wait to see you swinging and playing on there with her! Mother's Day was this past weekend and it was SO wonderful to spend it with both you and your sister (and your dad, too of course!). I'm the luckiest to be able to have the honor of being your (and Peyton's) mama. Also this weekend, we bought a minivan! Peyton has dubbed it the Bat-Van-Mobile! It is so nice and has so much space for you & your sister (and for future siblings, perhaps! ;)).