Saturday, July 22, 2017

Hey there!

Oh man, it's been forever since I've visited this space. I've been aching to jump back in to blogging and documenting our days in more detail than just an Instagram post would allow; So, here we are.

I'm not sure how long this will last and how frequently I'll be posting, but I just needed something; some creative outlet to allow this mama something that belongs to her and give me a bit of purpose outside of butt-wiper and milk-maid. :P

A pretty accurate depiction of what life with 3 kids looks like these days: Pandemonium. 

So very much has happened since the last time I visited this space. Everett turned 2, Peyton turned 8 and Finnick has grown like a little weed. He turned 9 months old last Wednesday and I can hardly believe that he's officially been outside of my belly longer than he was in it. UGH, bring back my tiny newborn squish! Though, I do adore the age he is at now. All of them are at a pretty great age, really. It's bittersweet, but so fun to watch them grow and learn!

We lost our dear little Grammy in May and the world just seems so dull without her. I'm forever grateful that our babies had the chance to know her and to love her as much as I did. Sometimes, I swear that she is still hanging around to comfort all of us as we navigate through life without her laughter and love.

Nick accepted a new job and had to go to Oklahoma for training for 2.5 months. I mean, 2.5 months of solo parenting to 3 littles?? Gosh, I don't even know how I survived, but survive I did! Thank goodness my mama, my aunt and my cousin were all kind enough to help me just about every week so that the house wasn't in shambles when Nick returned last week! Ha.

We have a big vacation planned for next month with the kids and my parents and sister and I am so stinking excited. We haven't take a family vacation since 2013 and that means that Rhett and Finn have both never seen the beach. Rhett is OBSESSED with the kiddie pool that we have in the backyard (literally never stops asking to go play in the "Ish" as he calls it) so I'm anxious to see if he is just as obsessed with running in the waves or if he's terrified of them, haha.

All in all, I'm just so excited to be back here! Can't wait to share more!


Sunday, November 6, 2016

Halloween 2016

Halloween was Finnick's first holiday... but it kind of got pushed down on the totem pole. I mean, I wouldn't have even had costumes for the kids if 1- my mom hadn't bought Peyton one on a whim when they went to the store together one day (even though she didn't actually wear said costume on Halloween, #kids), 2- Rhett's batman costume didn't still fit from last year (it was a size 2T that we made work last year, which meant that it actually fit this year and 3- my cousin didn't have an extra Tootsie Roll infant costume for Finn.

What it's like trying to get a cohesive picture of three little ones.
We didn't even go to a pumpkin patch this year! Nick took Rhett and Peyton to Walmart one night and they picked from the "patch" there. :P

I guess that's what happens when you have a baby in the month of October. All of those extra Fall traditions kind of get pushed to the side in favor of sleeping, nursing, and overall just adjusting to life with 3 kids.

We did manage to get the kids dressed up and out the door on Halloween night, though! They were so cute and it was so much fun watching Rhett grasp the concept of trick-or-treating.

The costume she was supposed to wear.
There was a point towards the end of the night that Rhett went to grab a piece of candy out of a neighbor's bucket and instead of putting it in his treat bag, he turned around and put it in a little girl's bag instead. I'm pretty sure he thought it was Peyton who he was giving the candy to, but it was adorable nonetheless!

I can't wait to see this trio next year! Maybe Finn will be the one in the Batman outfit then and won't sleep the whole time! :P So excited for Thanksgiving and Christmastime with these three!