Friday, May 3, 2013

Things That Make Me Uncomfortable:

It's day numero tres of this Blog Everyday In May challenge and today we are to talk about what makes us uncomfortable. Let's begin, shall we?:
Circa May 2011: On my Graduation Trip to Grand Cayman

1- Just looking at the above picture makes me uncomfortable. That was taken AFTER our trip to the bar at Rum Point where a bartender name Segi showered us with wayyy too many delicious {and very potent} alcoholic beverages. Why I thought that continuing on with the alcohol was a good idea? Who knows. But I can tell you that I certainly did NOT make it to the scuba diving adventure my Dad had scheduled for us the next morning. Who had the worst hangover of her life while on vacation? This girl. Luckily, that was the last time that happened. {PS-I will have to do a Cayman trip recap on here at some point! and PPS- I am most certainly not an alcoholic, I blame Segi for this behavior!}

2- I work for an OB/GYN and sometimes things can get a little a lot awkward up in that joint. Especially, when taking patients back who are there for an infection/STD check who bring their boyfriends/significant others for the visit... that is an uncomfortable 5 minutes! I try to get in and out of the room as quickly as possible then.

3- Speaking in public. Or just being at a social gathering where I really don't know anyone. I have a severe "nobody-likes-me-and-everything-I-say-sounds-awkward" complex and have a really hard time just starting up a conversation with someone I don't know... or even family members for that matter. I am much like my Dad in the anti-social sense. {Which makes no sense given I talk to numerous patients and customers everyday at both of my jobs.}

4- Thinking about where my delicious chicken mcnuggets came from and what process they went through before making it onto my plate/food-box/napkin/tray... I just have to cut that thought process off real quick and scarf down the rest of them before I think too hard about it. They're just so dang delicious!

5- Trying to "sell" a Pier 1 Rewards Credit Card to customers... I am no salesperson. I just enjoy design and helping people figure out how to decorate their home. I don't like being pushy or trying to force someone to sign up for a credit card {that they probably don't even need.}

6- Shopping with anyone except my mom. I am much less inclined to actually try stuff on if Nick is shopping with me and I just get uncomfortable browsing the racks of clothes while he just follows me around, watching my every move.

7- Walking outside at night. I constantly feel like something bad is going to happen or that there is someone/something watching me. One time, Nick and I were walking back from my Grammy's house to my parents house at night and we both had this creepy feeling that someone was watching us... low and behold, we turned around to find the neighborhood's "adopted" deer walking about 3 feet behind us! We didn't even hear her. So, that just proved to me that whenever I have that feeling... something is watching me. And THAT is uncomfortable.

Thumbelina, the neighborhood deer :)

8- Speaking of irrational fears and such, I absolutely get uncomfortable coming back up the stairs from any basement. I constantly feel like a monster is gonna chase me up the steps. So I ruuuuuuun for my life, I don't grab no shoes or nothin'! But seriously, it scares the poop outta me. Especially if I'm following someone else up the steps and they turn off the light; I darn near knock 'em down trying to get to the top of that staircase. And then, I go get myself a cold pop. 

This list could probably go on and on, but for your sake, I'll stop there.
You're welcome.

PS- I am rather enjoying this link-up! :)

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