Monday, June 17, 2013

Evan's Graduation {06/07/13}

My younger cousin, Evan, graduated high school this year! He is one of the handsomest, brightest, silliest, & most humble individuals {and he also gives the absolute BEST hugs! Hands down. Sorry Nick!}
^^the one on the right happens to be a favorite of mine from our childhood. Me, Evan, and my sister are all shoved inside my PopPop's pants. Goobs.
It is hard to believe that he is actually old enough to have a girlfriend, be in high school, and look so grown up much less actually being an ALUMNI! Craziness. Just absolute craziness. How is the time just flying by!?! Regardless, I have no doubt that he is going to go on and do great/amazing/super-intelligent things and I can only wish him the best in all of his future endeavors, post-high-school.
Unfortunately, the beginning of June is almost always littered with rainshowers/thunderstorms and so the graduation ceremony was held inside this year {as it was last year for my sister's graduation}.
FUN FACT: Evan wore the same graduation gown that I wore 5 {yes FIVE!} years ago and that my sister wore last year.

^^Wow! What a difference 4 years made. We look so much more grown up on the right... I think so anyways!
 Prepare for yet another picture overload! {I really do have a problem. I can never narrow it down to "just a few" pictures, haha.}

Ev-y getting his diploma!

^^can you see the lipstick mark on his cheek in the smaller picture above? ha!
^^Evan and his girlfriend, Courtney! {I hope I spelled her name right...} They're so darn cute together!

Congratulations, Evan!! I know that you'll be amazing at whatever it is you plan to do now that you've graduated... because you're pretty darn amazing already!
We love you, XOXO.


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