Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Letters

{an oldie -- but a goodie.}
Dear Summer- It is officially your "first day" for 2013! Go you! I am more than happy to have your beautiful, sun-kissed self hanging around. Dear Friday- Thank heavens you are finally, finally gracing me with your presence! Not only do you signal the start to the weekend (however quick those 2 days might fly by), but you also mark one less day between me and vacation! Woo! Although, the amount of planning and packing I am realizing that I have yet to do is super scary my friends.  Dear boyfriend- You were so adorable this morning, passed out in bed as I was leaving {late, again} for work. I love you, so very much. 

{Sidenote: Dear Rory- You are also oh-so-adorable as well. We love that you are such a snuggler... even if that means that as soon as morning light breaks through the window blinds, you're licking every inch of us that's sticking out of the covers to wake up us and give you attention... because you don't get any attention at all, right? :P}
Dear Mr. Charlie Horse- I was NOT a huge fan of you seizing my right calf muscle late last night/early this morning. Though, the tears streaming down my face and the expletives I was shouting at you should have been indicative enough of just how much I despised you. Dear anyone who read this- enjoy your weekend! I hope it is fabulous and filled with sunshine-y happy things.

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  1. Your little lady is so adorable! Happy summer to you!


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