Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Good, The Bad, and The Funny

The good:
+ we will be waking up on this beautiful island in just one week!
+ I bought Peyton the most adorable suitcase set yesterday from Kohl's for our trip. See here.
+ no doctor at the office this morning means I get to go in late. Which means more time I get to snuggle my baby girl this morning. Which means I'm one happy momma!
+ I have been passing out early with Peyton the past few nights, and I am not upset about it one bit. I actually feel rested for once this morning. I even woke up early without an alarm {or Peyton yelling for me to wake up because she's awake, haha.}
+ I inherited my sister's VS bikini yesterday. This one. It's beautiful.
+ we are enjoying some deliciously tropical mango smoothies this morning {in preparation for our upcoming tropical vacay, of course!}

{the perfect combination for a morning together!}

The bad:
+ the fact that we are leaving in six days means we have to pack. Which also means that I need to do laundry. Those who know me know that me & laundry do not get along well. I almost always end up with a pile of {clean} clothes on the floor because I just can't stand to put them away. And the dirty laundry also piles up in the laundry room. It's not good my friends.
+ we have a zoo here in our apartment. We have two bearded dragons, one day gecko, one vietnamese mossy frog, a freshwater tank, saltwater tank, and our dog, Rory. The lizards and frog all eat crickets. Nick normally buys his crickets in bulk. The last box of 1,000 crickets that he bought must have had a hole in it. He hadn't put them away in their designated tank yet... Monday we came home to crickets every-freakin-where. We spent a good hour scouring the apartment for them on the floors. So gross. Anyways, I thought we got rid of the lot of them.... I was wrong. I woke up yesterday to more in our bedroom, bathroom, and living room. Gah. I hope they're all either dead or gone now.

The funny:
+ I may or may not have broken off part of a wooden spoon in the blender this morning while making those smoothies. A little extra wood pulp protein never hurt anyone though, right? ha.
+ This weekend I watched some relatives dance to Gangam Style and the Peanut Butter Jelly dance. Hilarious I tell you!
+ I may or may not have anything else funny to mention. I'll work on that.

*post idea totally stolen from Danielle! I'd love to see this as a link-up!

Happy Thursday, y'all!

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