Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer Bucket List

So we did it! We finally made our Summer 2013 Bucket List! Complete with Peyton's amazing drawings {she did the strawberry, airplane, and sno-ball with a cherry on the top/side}. We sat around on our living room floor and just scrawled down some ideas. Here's what we came up with:

Pick strawberries: There's a local farm near our house that we drive by nearly every day... and every. single. time. that we drive by, Peyton asks "Are they open, Momma? Can we go?!" Even if it's 7:30am, haha. So, I have resolved that, at some point this summer, we will pick strawberries there goshdarnit.

Learn to write our ABC's: Peyton can belt out the ABC song letter for letter - with the exception of saying " H, I, K, K, L, M, N, O, P" {apparently there is no "J"} haha. She can write all of the letters of her name if she really tries, although they may be out of order sometimes. So we shall work on that.

Peyton's first ride in an airplane!: I am so excited for this! In just one week we will be accomplishing this. The moment I'm waiting for? Watching her when we break through the clouds. When she can see what they look like from above. sigh.

Get sno-balls {with marshmallow}:Well, duh! This one is a no-brainer. A summer must-do!

Go on a safari: This one is gonna be so fun! Living Social was offering a deal on this local wildlife park called Lake Tobias. They had two-for-one admission tickets, so that'll save us some money, yay! Their main attraction there is a safari tour that takes you across their 150 acres where you can see herds of their wild and exotic animals from around the world! They also have zoo-like wildlife exhibits as well as a reptile building and a petting zoo. Peyton is going to be in HEAVEN. We have to use our tickets by October, so hopefully we can find a weekend day to check this one off of the list!

See a shooting star: I hope that one evening we can all just lay outside of my parent's house, bundled up in blankets, and stare at the stars {like me and my parent's did when I was little} until we Peyton gets to see one with her very own eyes.

Visit a playground: I would just love to spend an afternoon at a park, watching Peyton play on the swings or slide down the slide a few hundred times. Maybe take a picnic and make a day out of it? Doesn't that just sound like the perfect, relaxing summer afternoon to you? I think so.

Get a fish for our saltwater tank: So, Nick and Peyton started up a saltwater tank a month or so ago. Nick has been hard at work trying to keep the salinity and the nitrates and everything else perfect. I think we are finally to the point now where the tank is stable enough to sustain a fish {insert excited face here} but we are going to have to wait to do that until we come back from vacation!

Go to the beach!: Hallelujah. This is just 7 days away. I CANNOT WAIT! ahhhh!

Go fish: This is one that we'll be able to check off on our vacation. Nick and I have a half-day bonefishing trip planned for while we're on the island. I am for sure gonna load up on sunscreen and hope that I can at least catch just one fish! It would be nice if we could take an evening later in the summer and go fishing close to home with Peyton and my family in tow. We did that last year and it was just so relaxing. Plus, Peyton caught some fishies!

Go to the Zoo OR to the Aquarium: Obvious summer fun activities. One or the other would be lovely. It's just finding time to get to either one is the issue.

Bake a peach pie: I made an amazingggg one last year, courtesy of Paula Deen. Recipe here. So, naturally, there has to be another one made this summer!

Have an at home movie night: Disney movie. Popcorn. Forts made out of blankets, chairs, and pillows. Dance parties. Movie-themed treats. Yes, please!

Hersheypark!: I hope we can find time {and we can afford} to go again this year! That place is just getting so darn expensive. And it is just not worth going when Peyton does not for one minute enjoy riding any rides. However, she claims that she is going to ride this year. We'll see how that one turns out!
{our last attempt at Hersheypark... she was clearly not a fan.}
Eat a funnel cake: Nick and I can not pass this one up. We are funnel cake junkies, if such a thing even exists. The carnivals in our area are this week and the next, so I see a checkmark coming in the near future!

Peyton snorkels: I really, sincerely hope that we can check this one off this summer. We tried, and we tried hard, to get her to practice snorkeling in the pool... it didn't happen. She cried and claimed that she was hungy and just wanted to go get food. She is super efficient at evading anything that she doesn't want to do, {i.e: brushing her teeth, eating dinner, getting a shower, etc.} It would make me so sad if she didn't get to actually use her mask to look under the water on vacation and actually SEE the fish and the coral and the whole world beneath the water.

Become a certified open water scuba diver!: This is all set to be checked off! We {me and my sister} have our classes/bookwork complete, and just finished our two pool dives this weekend. Now, all that's left to do is our two 2-tank dives on vacation!

And that is all {that could fit on the list anyways}. And probably all of the ones that we can feasibly check off within this short 3-month time span that is Summer. But we'll try! And we'll have fun doing so, I'm sure.


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