Thursday, March 10, 2016

Everett Orion // You're One!

*warning: picture overload ahead*

You are one year old. You are a toddler, no longer an infant.

When? .... How? .... What??

That went so fast. It flew. Every single month just whooosh! Gone in an instant.

You're the brightest, funniest, chunkiest little man. And we love you so.

And you love cake. Oh boy, do you ever love cake. (see for yourself ---->)

The love that you and Peyton have for each other just melts my mama heart. Melts it right into a big puddle of mush on every single floor of this house.

But, I suppose there is a thing as too much cake (who knew, right?)...

My goodness, sweet boy, I'm fearful of closing my eyes even to blink anymore. Before I know it, you'll be 5... and then 13... and then 18...

Time, you sure are tricky. Be good to us.
Happy 1 year, Everett Orion.
Mama loves you.


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