Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Summer of the Zoo

For Peyton's birthday this year, my Mom was amazing and bought her/(us) a zoo membership! Not only does she love anything having to do with animals, but so do we! AND, best part? It makes for a relatively inexpensive and fun family outing for the summer weekends to come.

Last weekend, we decided to give it a go and, even though the forecast that day mostly called for rain, the few hours we were there were sunny, breezy and pure perfection!

I didn't know they had an Eagle nest at the zoo.... ;)

It took FOR-EV-ER to convince this wild woman that she would, in fact, NOT fall into the water if she jumped on these lilypads. But, once she finally realized she would be fine, she wanted to do it over and over again.

Goobers at lunch. The food, albeit a little pricey, was actually really good! And we managed to nab two souvenir cups for future trips, which is a definite plus and a necessity for the hotter days of summer to come.

Pretending to feed the little blue penguin her animal crackers.

Aaaaand he finally took a nap! #doublehighfiveemoji

We didn't get to spend the whole day there, but we did have a great time and I can see numerous trips back this summer in our future. Though, with the more pregnant I get and the hotter the temps are, I might need to be the one pushed around in a stroller. Thank you for the membership, GiGi!


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