Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Our third baby bird // Nursery Progress

Wasn't it just yesterday that we were getting a room ready for Everett?! It sure feels like it. Except now we're prepping for our second little man to join us, and it is just as exciting! These are a few of the pins that I've come across that have inspired my design for little man numero dos' nursery:


I'm loving this color palette ^^ and can't wait to turn this room into the bright, airy space that I am envisioning. The thought is to go with a little bit of a whale theme, but not go overboard with it. Just enough to hint at the idea of it and give the room a little bit of direction.

This pregnancy has gone so very fast. I mean, I'm already at week 25. Which means there's only a little more than 14 weeks left to go at this point and that really only translates to about 3.5 months. When you think about the fact that pregnancy is basically a 10 month process... we're really down to what seems like the end of it here! That third trimester is right around the corner, my friends.

So, in true Eagle fashion, we are (and by we, I mean my husband is) having to work pretty hard on getting some substantial room renovating done before we can actually start putting together baby's nursery.

The room that we are putting baby in was dubbed "The Lizard Room" as it held a Bearded Dragon, Frilled Dragon, Vietnamese Mossy Frog, a Veiled Chameleon and a Chinchilla. Unfortunately, the Chinchilla and the Bearded Dragon both passed away recently, however the remaining animals were sent upstairs to the other half of the attic (opposite of where our bedroom currently is) to help clear out that room for little man #2. Because of there being lizards and technically a small rodent living in what is now "Baby's room", there is a whole lot of cleaning that needs done.

My main goal is to rip up the carpet that is in that room because 1- it's old, 2- the animals were stinky and I just want it gone, 3- there is a salad plate sized hole near one of the windows due to one of the heat lamps for the lizards falling and burning a perfect hole into the carpet (basically in the very first week that we moved into this house. So glad it didn't catch on fire and just stayed contained beneath the lamp!). Unfortunate as the hole in the carpet is, it actually revealed some pretty decent hardwoods underneath of it and since that day that we found out that little bit of information, I have been daydreaming of the potential that room holds with some pretty, refinished floors!


Neutral but with some blues thrown in. Whale inspired but not theme-overload. Simple and not over the top. Those are my thoughts going in to the design of this space for our new, sweet boy.

Can't wait to get the room cleared out, the floors finished, and start decorating. Like I said, little man will be here before we know it!


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