Tuesday, July 30, 2013

"If I'm a bird... then you're a bird."

If the above picture is not obvious enough, then here it is in black and white:


I think I'm still in shock.
It was so unexpected and so sweet.
Nick did good, no he did AWESOME!
I'm going to be Mrs. Sara Eagle!
My initials will be SEE! (I always wanted initials that spelled out an actual word, haha.)
Peyton gets to be a flower girl!
Can you tell I'm excited!?

Alright, let's rein it in a little bit here, Sara.
I'm sure if you're reading this, you would like to know the when, where and how, right?

The when: Saturday, July 27th
The where: Our apartment. In our living room, to be exact.
The how: you guys ready for this? Here we go!:

The Proposal:
Saturday morning we woke up slow and lazily. Peyton wasn't awake yet (she must have been tired because she is normally awake before the both of us and climbing into our bed to snuggle). We were talking about houses and wondering how the few showings were going to go to later would be. Nick got up a few times to do things and I just stayed in bed.
Peyton must have woken up at some point while he was out in the living room, moving about.
All of the sudden, Nick came back to the room, took the frame next to our bed that we use to write notes to each other, and said "Peyton has a surprise for you!".
I was none the wiser.
"Okay!" I said, as I continued to flip through my Instagram feed.

A few minutes after that, Peyton came walking into our room.
She was dressed up in her little play wedding dress and veil and she was carrying the frame.
The frame read: "If I'm a bird... then you're a bird."

{Side story!: I'm sure if you're a girl, then you instantly know where that quote stems from. THE NOTEBOOK, duh. Allie tells Noah to say he's a bird and his response is "If you're a bird, I'm a bird." Well, Nick's last name is Eagle. Whenever he calls to make reservations or has to tell someone his last name, he says "Eagle, like the bird" --because for some reason people don't know how to spell Eagle.

Anyway, the first time we watched The Notebook together a few years ago, I realized instantly as Noah said that, that if Nick and I someday got married, I would be a bird too! Get it? Good.}

Back to the good stuff!
She brought the frame over and laid it on the bed and then proceeded to climb up and snuggle me.  I said "Awww, are you my baby bird?" And she nodded and snuggled in even closer.
At first, I didn't think too much of her being in her "wedding" dress because there are numerous mornings/afternoons/evenings where she requests we get her dress up clothes out so she can play.
{I can't tell you how many times she's played "wedding" with me or my sister.}
But after a bit, I thought to myself... "Hmmm, this is kind of odd... and I wonder where Nick is?"

So, I asked her, "Did Daddy Nick want to put your dress on, or did you?"
She replied, "He did."
It was then that I knew.
I didn't know whether to stay put or to get up... The shock had started to set in, I think.

At that point, she climbed off of me, more intrigued by the iPad sitting on the nightstand.
It was also about that point that, from the living room I heard, "Did she tell you what else she was supposed to say?"

I said, "No..."
Nick replied, still from the living room, "Well, come out here then."
I almost said, "Are you sure?" But instead I shakily stood up - still in my PJs might I add - and walked through the bathroom, out to the living room.

Nick was standing there, with his hands behind his back. A smile from ear to ear.
As soon as I got close enough, he took my hands and got down on one knee.
"Sara Elizabeth {My Last Name}, will you marry me?"
{Thank goodness he didn't say more than that, because in my state of shock, I wouldn't have registered any of it!}

Of course I said, "Yes!"
{At least I think that's all I said. Remember, I was in shock!}
He stood up. We hugged and kissed and I realized he had been holding the ring box.
It was beautiful. It is beautiful.
Peyton came out to see what all the hubbub was about.
She was the one who slid the ring on my finger with her tiny, little hands.

It was so surreal.
I still can not believe it.
The shock has not gone away yet, that's for sure.
I love so much how he did it.
The fact that he incorporated Peyton so well AND surprised me beyond belief...
Oh, he did so good.

Little did I know, my Mom and sister had been in on it the WHOLE time! They even went to pick out the ring with him. He even asked my dad!
I snagged a good one, I did. 

My nails were hid.e.ous! I had just recently painted them a weird combination of purple and teal with sparkles. As soon as I put the ring on, I vowed that I needed to change my nail color ASAP.
The only problem? I couldn't find the nail polish remover!
Luckily, my sister and mom were already on their way up {we were going to look at a few houses that morning} so they brought theirs up with them.

"If you're a bird, I'm a bird." 
I can't wait to spend the rest of forever by your side, Nick.
I love you.


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