Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Easter {a belated post}

Remember how back when I started this blogging venture I said that I knew that I would be lacking time to be consistent with posts?
Well... here's a few snapshots from out Easter Sunday {only about 9 days late}.
-In my defense, that was a VERY busy weekend for us, given the fact that we also celebrated Peyton's birthday within that same 2-day time slot.-
opening her Easter basket. balloons were leftovers from the party the day before.
ps- this girl would probably never wear pants if she didn't have to. goob.

After opening her Easter basket {at a ridiculously early time of 7:30am} and my 3 hour nap {I told you it was an exhausting weekend} we headed down to my Grammy's house for some delicious Easter dinner.

yes, Pey & I matched our outfits on purpose :)
While we were there:  Peyton played with my Mom and Aunt Carly's old doll house; she hammed it up with those bunny ears; and for dessert we had Grammy's famous apple pie, my first attempt at an Overnight Carrot Cake {recipe to soon follow}, and Carmen's chocolate ice cream milkshakes. YUM!
It was the perfect way to relax and enjoy time together as a family after our busy Saturday.
Although Easter Sunday wasn't the warmest Easter we've had, I still can't believe how this week the weather has gone from chilly to oh-my-gosh-I'm-roasting! It's like we're bypassing "spring" weather altogether. But hey, I'm as ready for the warmth as the next person. Plus, with temps above fah-reezing, that means we get to do this more often:
{enjoying time together with my little one while out of the deck}
life is good.

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