Friday, April 10, 2015

1 month // Everett Orion

Where have the past 4 weeks gone?! You were just born, weren't you? How you are already reaching this 1 month mark is just beyond me. However, it has been so, so wonderful watching you grow right before our eyes! Every single person says that you look just like your Daddy and that makes me so very happy ('cause I think he's pretty darn good looking). I just hope you got at least a little bit of my genes, too. ;) Just recently I've had a few people mention to me that you have a beautifully shaped head as well and they continued to ask me if I "shaped it" that way... nope! That's just the way you came out, haha. Anyways, we love every single little ounce of you, little man.

Length| Well, at your 1 week appt you were 20.5 inches (the 70th percentile) and then today at your 1 month checkup, you measured 22.5 inches (the 80th percentile). At your 1 week appt, the medical assistant who measured you mentioned that when you were born, they must have not measured you properly considering within 4 days you seemingly went from 19 inches to 20.5 inches.

Weight| hefty! ;) I absolutely love your chunky little arms and thighs! At your 1 week appt you had gone down from 8 lbs at birth to then 7 lbs 11 oz (the 39th percentile). Today at your 1 month checkup you weighed 9 lbs 9.2 oz (the 41st percentile). So you're doing great!

Hair| Still a dark brown-ish color and none of it has fallen out (yet!), thank goodness. 

Eyes| They've turned into this really dark grey/blue color and I am so anxious to see what color they end up being. Your dad and I both have hazel eyes and your sister has blue, but I don't see your eyes staying blue. Maybe they'll be brown like your Papa Ron's!

Nicknames| Rhett, Bubb, Baby Munch, Baby Boy, Honey Bunch, Little Man, Sweet Boy, Chunky Munk, Little Chunk

I could just nibble on those chunky thighs all day, every day!
Eats| Well, you're a little piggly wiggly. You pretty much eat whenever you please which could be every 1-3 hours during the day. I've been exclusively pumping, with a nursing session here or there and some formula to help supplement so that I can get a stockpile of breast milk started in the freezer. Per feeding, you will now eat anywhere from 4 to 7 oz. 7 oz already! (See, I told you that you were a little piggy.)

Sleep| Now, I don't wanna jinx us, but you have been sleeping SO great! You fall asleep around 10:30/11 pm and wake up maybe once or twice around 3:30 am and 5 am to eat and/or have your poopy diaper changes, and then it's back to bed with ya! If only we could get you to actually sleep in your bassinet, that would be great. ;) Sleep during the day is somewhat of a different story. You do not take very good naps; they last maybe 30 minutes or so and are just enough for Mama to pump and go to the bathroom (maybe, if I'm lucky) and then you wake up again. You maybe get in 1 to 2 one hour to two hour long naps a day and it ranges anywhere from 9 am to 7pm when Dad gets home.

Clothes| As of last week, you officially grew out of your newborn clothes! For this photo shoot, I had to squeeze you into a newborn onesie &, though it still worked, you certainly didn't waste anytime ruining it with a small (read: not-so-small) poop explosion an hour or so later.

Diapers| The same holds true for your diapers: you wasted no time in outgrowing the newborn size considering they could no longer withstand your poops. So, you're currently in size 1's. You little poop machine.

Loves| Christmas lights! We have a few strands of plain white lights around the house ('cause Mama loves the ambiance they provide year 'round) and you just LOVE to scope them out. Being held. Being in your Happy Baby Wrap. Your big sister. Music. Listening to Mom and Dad's voices. Being swaddled at night, especially in your Summer Infant SwaddleMe blanket/wrap.

Dislikes| Being put down/Not being held. The MamaRoo (your swing), which I think is basically because you prefer to be held. For a while, you liked your pacifier, but lately you haven't been feeling that too much - which is perfectly fine with us!

Milestones| You're making eye contact with us more and more every day. Gripping our fingers (and Mama's hair!) with more strength and just grasping onto more things in general, like my shirt collar when I hold you on my chest. You've had a few smiles here and there, but it's mostly just when you're gassy and sleeping :P

Events| Your Dadda had surgery on his hand to fix it after that yucky snow blower accident. Your sister turned 6! We celebrated with your first trip to the aquarium, pizza at California Pizza Kitchen, and then had ice cream cake with GiGi and Papa Ron. You also celebrated your very first holidays: St. Patrick's Day and Easter - and you & Peyton were both spoiled rotten by the Easter Bunny & GiGi, of course. Dad was lucky enough to spend 3 awesome weeks home with us (recovering from hand surgery) but he unfortunately had to return to work. (Mama doesn't even want to think about maternity leave coming to an end and having to go back to work. Just no.)

We can't wait to see what month two holds for you, sweet boy!



  1. He is so adorable!! He said there is no time to nap during the day, I might miss something!

  2. Goodness gracious he's so cute!!!!! :) I'm glad your man got surgery. I hope his hand is better!!!

  3. Oh Sara - he's adorable!!!! Please keep updating us.
    How is Big Sis adjusting? I'm sure she loves him.
    Take care - give the little man (and big sis) a squeeze for me.

    1. Thanks Jen! Big sis is loving every minute she gets with him! She is such a great helper and is like a little momma to him. It's so sweet :)


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