Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Rhett's Newborn Pictures

sleepy baby boy

While we were in the hospital, Nick's friend Mandy stopped by to take a few pictures of Everett and us the day after he was born (unfortunately, Peyton was at school so she didn't get to join in on the shoot).

his cranky little cross-eyed face cracks. me. up!
Mandy is such a talented photographer and being a friend of ours, it definitely made for a more comfortable environment - especially considering that the day after you give birth to your baby is not when you're feeling the most glamorous or photogenic. ;)

one of my favorites, if you cut me out and just look at Nick and baby boy ;)

She did such a wonderful job given the fact that we were inside a hospital room and thankfully Everett was relatively cooperative. We will surely cherish these pictures for years to come.

Thank you again, Mandy, for these beautiful photos of our sweet boy!


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  1. These are gorgeous! And you look fantastic my dear!!!!
    Thanks for sharing these.
    I hope you are all doing well.


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