Tuesday, March 26, 2013

what I learned from my sister

My gorgeous/fabulous/amazing/gelato-stealing sister came home from college on Friday for spring break and I think my whole family is just so friggen thrilled to have her home. She's our glue. The one that keeps us all together. True story.
But back to the more important "gelato-stealing" part...

{Insert picture of the delicious gelato I bought at the store the weekend before last and have been slowly nibbling on all week long:}
Seriously, I'd only eaten MAYBE 1/5 of that deliciousness before Friday...

Let me set the scene: Friday night. It's Jen's first night home. Nick, Babygirl, and I decided to all hang out at my parent's house with my Dadda and sister for the evening. Nick drove separate because I had gone straight from work to my parent's so I could see my long-lost {not really} sister. Oh, how I missed her so.

Well, since Nick drove separate, I told him to bring along The Hunger Games {one of my favs!}, my iPad, and my delish gelato. I just wanted to eat some gelato for myself... and possibly share some with Jenna.

We, in fact, had a great night. Jenna was mostly enthralled with a Finding Nemo: Build A Reef game on the iPad that she claims she was "just helping Peyton play" {y'all she was OBSESSED; that "reef" is just booming now and I don't think Peyton or I know how to take care of it, haha}. While they were focused on that Dad, Nick, and I watched the movie. Meanwhile, I totally forgot about the gelato.

The movie and the night ends and I continue to forget about the gelato and I make my way home. In the car I think to myself, "Oh shoot! I forgot about that yumminess in the freezer. Well, I doubt anyone is gonna touch it... I'll just get it tomorrow."

That friggen sister of mine ATE.THE.WHOLE.THING!
She ate every last bit within less than 12 hours of her being home.

This was our conversation the next day:
{She had just explained to me that her feeble excuse was "You left it here, un-pro-tected!!"}
Twilight reference. New Moon. Go watch it NOW! Though, the books are better. Fo sho.

*Lesson learned: Your sister will always,
ALWAYS eat your gelato.*

She's lucky I love her.
The end.

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