Monday, March 25, 2013

c'mon spring!

"Snow, snow go away
come again another day
No! Just go away...
& you are not welcome back!"
{Until next winter, anyways.}
But seriously, it's supposed to be SPRING for crying out loud! I am so tired of the weatherman telling us:
"Oh haaaay, we're gonna have about 5-6 / 10-12 / whatever-range-they-decide-sounds-good inches of that fluffy white stuff falling from the sky tonight/tomorrow/but-really-never."
Only to be continuously disappointed {errrrvry time, folks!} with the actual happenings. At least we got some snow this time that started out as actual snow and then gradually turned into just freezing rain, rather than just being miserable slush from the get-go.
IF WE MUST KEEP HAVING THESE YUCKY SNOW STORMS - I repeat "IF" - I would seriously love it if we could just have one {just one} big, HUGE, 3-ft-deep blanket of snow show up in the middle of the night one night and therefore make everyone take one wonderful, amazing, let's have hot chocolate {with marshmallows, of course!} after sledding all day kind of snow days. And then be done with it all and finally move on to spring?
Please? Is that too much to ask for, Mama Nature? This chickadee is t.i.r.e.d. of slush. It's either one big storm, or full-blown spring. Take your pick and stick with it!

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