Monday, January 18, 2016

TEN months // Everett Orion

For some reason, 10 seems like a much scarier number. Maybe it's the double digits that are giving me heart palpitations? Maybe it's the new year that makes it feel totally different than last month? Or maybe it's simply the fact that you are going to be ONE YEAR OLD in 2 months! Gosh sir. You are growing like a weed. These years are surely getting shorter and shorter the older that I get.

Stats| I have no clue how long you are! Miraculously, you have maintained your weight from last month to this month. At your doctor appointment (for a terrible cough and runny nose) last week, you were around 24.6 lbs - Though, I was sure you were pushing 30. ;) Your hair is still the same: wiry, dark blonde, not growing. I am waiting, wishing, and hoping for the curls to come.

Nicknames| Rhett, Stinky boy, Baby man, Sweet man, Sweet boy, Sass-a-man and Honey man.

Eats| Nothing new to report here. All of the same foods. Santa did bring you a new sippy cup in your stocking, though! I am certain that by this age, Peyton was holding her own baba but you seem to be pretty content just letting us take care of that for you. ;)

^^"You take one more picture, Ma, and I'm gonna bop you in the nose!"^^
Sleep| You've transitioned to a bed time of about 7:30-7:45 instead of the sometimes 8:45 you used to wait until. Most of the time you sleep until around 7am though I think that you make wake up sooner than that some days, but you don't really complain and demand that someone come in to pick you up. You're pretty content just playing and rolling around in your crib until one of us comes in to get you.

Clothes and Diapers| Still squeezing into 12 month items, though I can tell they're getting snug as well. As far as diapers, you're hanging on to the size 4s... but I think the 5s are probably right around the corner for us.

Loves| To chew. On everything. And everyone. // Chewing leads to eating, which you also love to do. You could eat just about anything, I am certain. // Moving in general. Whether it's swinging your arms around, crawling like a mad man, or standing up while holding on to anything that supports you. // Still trying to take your shoes or socks off. Santa brought you shoes for Christmas and you just weren't a fan of them. // Any person that you meet. You are the happiest and the smile-iest baby in the whole entire universe. // Being nakie! As evidenced by this next photo...

Dislikes|  Being sick, which you have been for the past 2 weeks. Your first ear infection (and Mama's!) and hopefully our last. // This correlates with hating having your boogies wiped off and sucked out of your nose. // When mama tries to do anything but hold you or pay attention to you. // HATS. No sir, you are not a hat-wearing baby. You even got an adorable fox beanie for Christmas that straps on to your head so you can't rip it off as easily... but you still take it off the moment I get you out to the car. // Still not a big fan of diapie changes. There is the rare occasion where you are distracted by something else and I can manage to get through it without much of a hassle. // Clipping your nails. Fingers or toes, does not matter because regardless you are not a fan.

Milestones| The gibberish continues and I am so excited to witness your little mind learning new things. // Still no solo walking. In fact, you even rarely like to walk with us helping you. You would much rather crawl. // You can wave "hello", give "high fives", and shake your head "no"... but it's all on your own terms. // You're also becoming an expert on "giving kisses" and "hugs". Which totally melts my mama heart. // Dada bought you a toothbrush yesterday and so far, you don't like it one bit! But I can not believe you're old enough to need a toothbrush! Goodness.

^^ those tiny, chubby fingers get me every time^^

Events| Y'all, this mudroom still isn't done. I sure hope by next month we can check that project off of our to-do list. // We celebrated your first Christmas! And boy was it magical. As much as I thought you would be all about ripping the wrapping paper apart, you proved me wrong and really didn't pay it any attention. There are a few toys that you absolutely love and I am so glad Santa brought them for you. It was absolutely wonderful being able to celebrate the morning with your sister here with us and being able to sip my coffee while watching the two of you dive in to the chaos that is Christmas morning, I was in heaven. // We also took a unexpected trip to West Virginia to visit Dada's family who lives there. The unfortunate part of that visit was the reason that it initiated; your Great Pap passed away on December 30th. The silver lining is that he went on his own terms, before having to be taken off of the machines that were keeping him alive, and he was completely surrounded by his family (including you, your sister, me and Dad). // We rang in the new year and were reminded that every year seems shorter than the last and family is the most important aspect of life.

^^This picture will for sure be pulled out to show all future girlfriends, ha!^^
^^ "MOMMMM, I'm done (D. O. N. E!) with pictures!" ^^

Can't wait to see what month 11 holds for you, sweet boy!


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