Sunday, January 17, 2016

Toy Favorites // Ten Months

I thought I'd share a few of Everett's tried and true favorite toys that he has acquired over the course of his almost a year of growing. Gah! "Almost a year"... not ready for that yet.

Anyways, even though Rhett has more toys than hours in the day, these are simply the ones that he has used and played with the most.

The Little Einstein Take Along Toy is known in our house as THE TOY. It is so popular, in fact, that we bought not just one, but two - to make sure that he has one at GiGi's house during the day. The best part is that Nick's mom actually bought an additional (making a grand total of 3 of these things) one for Rhett for Christmas. In her defense, she didn't know we were already well stocked on such a contraption and Amazon actually had it listed as a top toy for babies for the year. Amazon sure got that right. Little man loves it because it's easy for him to hold, fun for him to chew/gnaw on, and the button is super easy for him to push so that he can make it light up and make noise -- all very important factors when selecting a toy as a baby, I'm sure.

The Rock-A-Stack and Train were also Christmas presents that seem to be the biggest hit. He has a blast unstacking the rings as I rush to stack them again and again. The same goes for the Baby's First Blocks. He loves to pull all of the blocks out of the box as I try to put them all away again. (And it's an added bonus that the blocks we have are from when Peyton was a baby. There are one or two missing, but I am proud of us for holding on to them for so long, ha!)

The links are obviously wonderful for keeping toys together or attached to the car seat when we are out and about, since he is such a big fan of throwing his toys out of reach (as evidenced by his extreme enjoyment of destructing the Rock-A-Stack and blocks, haha).

Of course he hast tons of other toys that he loves and plays with every day (thanks, GiGi and Nonna!), but I feel that these are his most favorite of them all and the ones that I would be sure to recommend to any one else with little ones.


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