Thursday, September 18, 2014

15 weeks // bump update

How Far Along? 15 weeks.

Size of Baby: a navel orange! about 4 inches long and weighing in at 2.5 ounces.

Weight Gain: about 5 lbs so far, not so bad.

Maternity Clothes: yes! I had some really great Old Navy SuperCash to put to use and bought some adorable shirts for Peyton as well as a few maternity staples for myself (including the tunic and leggings that I am wearing in the above pictures - So comfy!).

Stretch marks: no, thank you. I have started applying lotion to my belly to help prevent those little tiger stripes, though.

Symptoms: hungry. all. the. time. I've taken to having to eat smaller meals more frequently throughout the day. For a 4 hour shift at Pier 1 this weekend, I ended up taking a whole lunch box full of snacks.

Cravings:  Not much to report here. Though, I have been eating a lot of celery and helluva good ranch dip - Yum!

Gender: Still waiting not-so-patiently to find out. We have discussed names for both a girl and a boy and think that we have narrowed it down fairly well... for now ;)

Mood: happy. tired. mostly just my usual self, but still with the shorter fuse.

Nursery: attic renovation progress is still chugging along quite nicely, so we'll see where that puts us.

Movement: yes! but still just little squirms and flutters. Hopefully baby will kick it up a notch here soon. :)

Sleep: sleep is pretty darn good these days (thank you, bumpnest pillow!) Also, since the first-trimester-bloating has really gone down, my bladder can now make it through the night without waking me up to visit the bathroom, which is totally awesome.

What I Miss:  we went to Carrabbas with friends on Saturday night and I reallyyyy would've enjoyed a nice cold glass of white wine with my yummy dinner. But, its all for a great cause and that glass can wait another couple of months. ;)

Belly Button in or out? 
 Still in. Though, not quite as "in" as it usually is thanks to this expanding belly.

Wedding rings on or off? On! I may or may not have tried on my wedding bands for fun again last night.

Anything making you queasy or sick:  nope!

Best Moment This Week: This morning when I dropped Peyton off at school, she leaned forward to kiss me and hug me like usual but I kept feeling her try to reach for my belly. Finally, when she pulled away, she leaned back down and kissed my belly and said "Bye, Baby!" She is definitely going to be an awesome big sister.

Labor Signs:  no. 

Looking Forward To: the wedding! and the honeymoon! and, of course, finding out if there is a little He or a little She squirming around in this belly of mine.


  1. You are so stinking tiny so that bump is looking even bigger! Yay!! Still so excited for ya :) this time is gonna fly!

  2. You look fantastic! Hope you're feeling well.


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