Thursday, February 13, 2014

Polar Vortex 2014: Part 2

The Ice:

Two days (TWO!) after we were hit with the snow, came the ice. The 1/2 inch thick sheet of ice that I initially thought was beautiful and gorgeous and made everything sparkle and seem magical... but that I soon realized was awful and totally destructive. 

Seriously, people didn't have power starting that day (Wednesday) until that Saturday - some even longer than that. We ended up going out to purchase a generator the night before we were supposed to get all of this ice, so that we were well prepared. We got the very last one that our local Home Depot had in stock (and that was even after their emergency shipment of 7 generators from another store that day!). Luckily, we only lost power for maybe 30 seconds if that due to the ice. But, at least we have a generator now and I'm sure we will need it at some point.

^^I literally had to whack at my car windows with the ice scraper to break the sheet of ice coating my car.^^

Those were all pictures from our house. This next set are all ones that my dad had taken at my parent's house. 

^^the ice was so heavy that it literally broke branches off of every tree in the area. Seriously. I don't think a single tree within a 40 mile radius stayed completely in tact throughout the storm.^^

This next image, I almost couldn't handle. I literally cried when my mom had sent me a picture of it that day. My absolutely favorite tree in the whole wide world, my parent's willow tree, is completely broken.
This is when I decided that my love-hate relationship with the ice was more hate than love.

 Seriously, just so much destruction. And then there are scenes like this, with all of these beautiful icicles.
I can't handle it.
 Back to the destruction:
 These are my parents' neighbor's willow trees at the bottom of our driveway.
They were completely mutilated.
 The pine tree in this next picture is actually my parents' "wedding tree". They were married in the middle of December (it's awful but I can't remember if it's the 14th or 16th) and they had a Christmas tree at their wedding. They planted it at the bottom of their driveway and it's been growing ever since. At first, my mom thought that the ice had broken it as well, but upon taking a closer look she realized it was just really weighed down. Thank goodness.

Up next? Well, another round of snow, of course!
This winter is harsh, my friends.


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  1. oh my goodness! I couldnt even imagine, i am in az where it will be 90 degrees on Saturday.... I cant believe the difference between states!

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