Sunday, February 16, 2014

our valentine's day

Our Valentine's Day actually started a little early this year. We got 13 inches of snow on Thursday morning (the 13th) and therefore we were all snowed in for the day. I took that opportunity to make Peyton (and Nick!) a holiday themed breakfast since I wouldn't be able to for the actual day of.

^^wearing Nick's shoes because, well, I was too lazy to go find mine for the photo op. ps- SNOW!^^
 My intention had been to make pink heart-shaped pancakes. But I am AWFUL at making pancakes. I always have the pan too hot. & the ladle that I was using to spoon the dough into the pan didn't really make it easy to create heart shapes. So, that being said, we ended up with messy but delicious pancakes (recipe here) with a blueberry and strawberry syrup (based off of this recipe here) with eggs and sausage as a side.

Peyton's sweet Valentine's treats were some strawberry tic-tacs and a strawberry sorbet chapstick. She loved them, of course, and wanted to eat all of the tic-tacs in one sitting.

^^the roses my Momma and Peyton got me.^^
We then spent the afternoon playing Doc McStuffins Operation, which is way easier than the original Operation and is therefore is not as much fun.

While we played, Nick worked hard.
He shoveled a path all the way out to our cars and one out to the front curb.
Love that man.

Peyton had the random idea to use our NEW chalkboard (post coming soon) to draw fruit which then turned into drawing things from the Cloudy with A Chance of Meatballs 2 movie. 

After we finished all of the baby taco-diles we moved on to crafting a little V-day frame to hold the remaining two valentines we had ordered to hand out to family and her classmates at preschool.

^^super cute, right?!^^ 
These were the valentine's she did for her classmates and then for a few family members. For family, she also made little handcrafted cards to send along as well. :)

Her dadda (who doesn't live very far away and has a big truck & insisted on coming to get her despite the snow) then came to pick her up a little later and Nick and I just spent the rest of the evening snuggling. He had made plans for us to have our Valentine's dinner (at a surprise location with another surprise to follow!) that night, buuuut the snow kind've ruined those. So we will try again next week!

Fast forward to the next morning, actual Valentine's Day. We had gotten even more snow that night, so Nick (who has off every other Friday, lucky duck) was out early helping to shovel away the snow so that I could get to work.

^^there's a table and set of 4 chairs under there somewhere.^^

Look how tall the snow is! When I measured again that morning, it was up to 16 inches.

^^My handsome shoveler-to-the-rescue.^^
Nick had gone to pick Peyton up right before I got home from work and that meant that I had time to set up all of his love-day goodies to surprise in him upon their arrival home.

He loves peanut butter (obviously), we don't drink much but vodka is a favorite of his, and the tomato paste is a running joke we have that stems from when we had first started dating and I had asked him to pick up some tomato sauce from the store for me... and instead he came home with paste.

^^Peyton's card to him. :)^^
Once they got home, we started to bake and decorate our sugar cookies!
I had premade the dough the day before and had it sitting in the fridge - but it got WAY to cold/hard so I ended up having to microwave it for a bit to get it loose enough to roll out. It may have gotten too lose and was a hot mess (literally) but we made it work!

Sugar cookie recipe found here.

A certain four year old may have gone a little crazy with the application of decor to said cookies, but what else do you expect? :)

^^I would NOT recommend laying hot cookies on wax paper on top of your dining room table. It WILL ruin the finish of your table. I learned this the hard way.^^ 

All in all, it was a beautiful two days and I was so happy to have spent it with two of my favorite people.


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  1. You guys totally made the best of being deeply snowed in. I was snowed in Thurs and Friday then Saturday things finally got back to normal. I love all the crafts you guys did and the breakfast and cookies are too cute. Happy belated love day to you and your family!


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