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Turks and Caicos: Day 1

Soooo, it's been approximately 53409863094 days one month since we've gone on vacation... and I am just now getting around to re-capping our trip. Please forgive me? My procrastination knows no bounds. Seriously.
I have come to the conclusion that these recap posts are just going to be huge photo dumps, so I hope youre' ready! :)

This first one is going to be, well, all about Day Numero Uno!

I was so worried about how Peyton was going to do as a traveler. Since a good portion of our outings result in her wanting to be carried after five minutes or so. However, much to my surprise, she did AWESOME. She rolled her own suitcase everywhere we went. She even carried her own backpack {Boy, do I have a story about that darn backpack! But that's not til day 10}. I really don't think I could have asked for a more agreeable traveling toddler. Of course, she made friends where ever we went and reminded me constantly that she's "a big girl" and that she needed to "hand the lady my own passport... Where's my passport, mom?!"
The plane rides went SO smoothly with her. She slept for a portion of the flight from Charlotte to Turks and she had no issues whatsoever with pressure in her ears or having to sit still for two flights. THANK GOODNESS!
1// Headed to the shuttle at BWI. 2// Little girl in a BIG airport. 3// Handing the flight attendant her passport in Charlotte. 4// About to board! 5// Making friends with the airport staff :) 6// Taking off {she was mad that I wouldn't let her put her seat tray down yet}. 7// Watching them load up our plane before we took off in Charlotte. 8// Blue skies for daysss. 9// Taking a quick power nap.

We arrived on Provo. close to 2 or 3pm {I forget at this point}, hopped in our cab, and headed for our villa! After we got everything unloaded and settled into the house, the Dadda went to get our rental car {only a short walk from our villa, as was the marina}. Then, with our rental car, "Cupid", in our possession, Dad, Jenna and I made our way down to the dive shop to check in for our dives the next day {so exciting!}. Of course we then had to stop at Jimmy's Dive Bar for the first drinks of the trip! ;)

1// Our first glimpse of the water on our way to our villa! 2// Cheesin' with Aunt Nenna in our cab. 3// And again with GiGi. 4// One view from our screened in porch. 5// First drinks! I don't remember what I got, but I do remember it was better than Jenna's :P 6// Cheeseface, Papa Ron. 7// Our first grocery run! 8// Our "we made it!" pose.
At some point that day, there was a grocery shopping trip. I'm thinking it was after the trip to the beach, and before going out for dinner. That haul that you see up there in the shopping cart? Close to $200! Geeeesh! Grocery prices were absolutely ridiculous, I tell you! A box of cereal was like $12, c'monnnn!
Throughout the trip, Nick and Peyton were constantly on the lookout for lizards. It was kind of like a bonding experience for them, and I couldn't have been happier to witness such a thing. :) Our villa wasn't technically "on the water", but the other half of the villas that were across the road were! So within a 5 minute walk, we were on our own beautiful beach and enjoying the most gorgeous, clear blue water.

1// Me, GiGi and Peyton walking from our villa to our beach. 2// The little pathway to the beach. 3// Lizard hunting! 4// One of my absolute favorite pictures from the whole trip {Thanks, Jen!} 5// Jen getting ready to go snorkeling. 6// Stubby-tailed CurlyTail. 7// GiGi and Pey testing out the water. 8// My studly stud. I would take this view, anyday! ;) 

When you go on a vacation with my Dad, you basically need a vacation after the vacation. We are constantly doing things and we are all about getting in the water and seeing as much marine life as we can! These were just a few of the creatures we saw that first day! --->

1// Hawksbill Turtle. 2// Honeycomb Cowfish. 3// Little Porcupine Fish! 4// Beautiful QueenAngelfish, Jen's favorite. 5// Crazy-looking Hogfish; Can you see him?
After the festivities of that afternoon, we all cleaned up and decided on Sharkbite Bar & Grill for dinner. Since it was located in/on the marina, we just had ourselves maybe a 10 minute walk from our villa to the restaurant. Apparently, it's called Sharkbite because, at night, sharks come into the marina and you can see them from the restaurant. Although, we never did see any sharks in the marina for our trip. :(

1// Walking to Sharkbite -- If you're wondering what Nick is doing... Well, I have no clue, haha. 2// Papa Ron & Babygirl. 3// We got a pitcher of the island draught, Turks Head: Amber. Stella glasses for the ladies and regular glasses for the guys. 4// Peyton and her pineapple juice {that took about nearly 15 minutes and 3 requests to get}. She looks so much older in that picture, I can't stand it! 5// Me & Babygirl with the Hammerhead shark (her fav!). 6// Dirty feets! {Even after they'd showered.}

This concludes Day 1. Only 9 more to go! :)


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  1. In the fishy pictures, #2 is a honeycomb cowfish :) hehe.


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