Wednesday, August 7, 2013


I stumbled across a wonderful idea of a link-up today and decided to join in. We are to share something(s) that we are grateful for from the week. Here are just a few of mine:
I am grateful for... the time that I get to spend at my parents' house. Especially when it involves catching butterflies with this little girl.
I am grateful for... the random pictures Peyton snaps during those times when she sneaks away with my phone. Can you see her little shadow holding up the phone in the picture below? That + the view of my parents' backyard = a wonderful sight. *sigh*

I am grateful for... snuggles with a smiling puppy when I come home from work // making the decision to put the autumn wreath up on our front door {too soon? of course not!} - it makes me happy to see whenever I come home // coffee & chocolate for an afternoon pick-me-up to get me through a long night of work // doughnuts at work from a co-worker just because // and relaxing on the couch with my love after a long, long day.

I am grateful for... this picture my sister snapped of us cuddling while watching #SHARKWEEK {aka best week ever!}

 I am grateful for...  these outtakes from attempting to get pictures at the family reunion. Having fun & being silly :)

And most of all, I am grateful for... this beautiful little angel. Even in her sleep, she melts my heart.

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What are you grateful for?



  1. I'm so glad you linked up. Love your blog. I LOVE family pictures because it's so hard to get a "good" one but they are all great ones. Coffee & chocolate - yes & yes.

  2. Those are ALL wonderful things to be grateful for!!!
    (visiting via insert classy here)

  3. I thought you would want that moment captured :) Love you.

  4. Lovely post. Such a great link up and I really like your list.

    Mel's Corner

  5. Aw that last picture is so cute. I love that you all cuddle up for Shark week. That is awesome!! :)

  6. A few things -- your daughter is FREAKING precious, obviously...but the Steelers gear has GOT to go ;)

    Do you have a twitter? I wanted to share this post with everyone, well, because its just too adorable not too!!


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