Thursday, December 11, 2014

27 weeks // bump update

How Far Along? 27 weeks! The very last week of my second trimester. Which means we're two thirds of the way there... What?! When did that happen?? 

Size of Baby: a rutabaga. or cucumber. or a head of cauliflower - depending on what app you read. 

Weight Gain: about 17 lbs now. Yikes. To say the Holiday feasting has caught up with me would be a vast understatement.

Maternity Clothes: yes, all day everyday. My "lounge" clothing like old t-shirts and fleece pajama pants are all way too tight. In fact, I'm currently typing this with one of my college tees on, but with it hiked up over my belly since it's too tight. So, thank goodness for maternity clothes for when I actually go out in public. Otherwise, I would look like the hot mess express waddling around.

Stretch marks: no! Thank goodness. I lotion up this belly of mine as often as possible.

Symptoms: Well, not a whole lot to speak of. There was a week or so where I had heartburn after I ate just about anything. Even now, if i drink too much coffee, I get a little bit of that reflux-y feeling. And the belly, it's starting to get biiiig and just a teeny bit {sometimes a lot-a bit} uncomfortable.

Cravings:  Nope. There are the occasional "oh I could really go for some _____." moments. But nothing that is really a consistent "yes, give me all of the _____ all. of. the. time!"

Gender: still our sweet baby BOY as far as I know :)

Mood: tired, all day long. It doesn't help that I've been getting sick lately either. Not like, throwing up sick, but just run down and achey and my allergies/sinuses are driving me up the wall. 

Nursery: Still nothing to speak of. We have an idea of what we would like to do... just no means to do it right now. The attic has to be completed before we can work on baby's room and we are SO CLOSE to finishing!

Movement: Yes! Starting to get some serious kicks to the ribs now that baby boy has less and less room in there to move around. I love every minute of it. Also, feeling some little tiny hiccups now too! So very precious.

Sleep: still sleeping fairly well. Nothing to complain about there. My bumpnest is still my very best snuggle buddy (sorry, Nick!). 

What I Miss:  I still miss having clothes that fit. And a nice chilled glass of wine would have went so well with Thanksgiving dinner, but I am more than happy to forego that indulgence for this sweet little babe.

Belly Button in or out? 
 Out; alllllll the way out. Belly expansion has made that happen for sure.

Wedding rings on or off? On and getting just a liiiitle tight.

Anything making you queasy or sick:  Not pregnancy wise. Just allergies and sinuses kicking my butt, like I had mentioned. 

Best Moment This Week: researching baby items online with Nick. We spent like 30 minutes reading reviews on an infant bath tub, haha. Also, when Peyton was making a list of the people that she was going to "shop" for at her school's "holiday shop" (remember those from when you were little?) and she asked if she could get the baby something, too. So sweet! I can't wait to see what she picked out.

Labor Signs:  no! Better not be having any of those for quite some time. 

Looking Forward To: making progress on baby's room and hopefully beginning a registry soon!


Since so much has happened since the last update, here are the only two bump pictures from in between now and then:


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  1. You are so stinking cute!!! You sure know how to rock a belly!


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