Thursday, March 20, 2014

Peyton lost her first tooth!

Two weeks ago, my little baby love reached a big milestone.
She lost her very first tooth!
I couldn't believe it.
How is she even old enough to have that happen?!
Wasn't she just having those teeth pop though her little baby gums just last week?
Oy vey. She's growing up so fast.

It all started about a month or so ago when we were brushing her teeth one night. I normally floss and brush her teeth for her because I need to make sure that they get a good cleaning every time. As I started brushing, she winced and said "Ow, Momma! My tooth hurts!" and of course I investigated and, much to my surprise, her bottom front tooth wiggled when I prodded it! There may have been tears on my part. 

Of course, I had been watching it like a hawk {or an Eagle ;)} for the past month and hoping {with my fingers & toes crossed} that it would happen to fall out when she was with me! I just wanted so bad to share in that moment with her. Well, on the morning of Thursday, March 6th we went in to brush her teeth and of course, started with the flossing. I flossed around the loose tooth and it seemed super extra loose. I asked her if she minded if I wiggled it around a bit and thankfully she replied with "Go ahead, Momma." We wiggled and it bled a bit so I tore off some toilet paper to clean her up and something told me "just see what happens if you give it a little pull. Just do it!"

One little tug and poof!
No more loose tooth!

We cried and laughed and squealed and hugged and jumped for probably a good five minutes together.
I don't think that I'll ever, ever forget that moment. She was SO beyond excited for the Tooth Fairy to finally be making a visit to our home. We finished getting ready and were able to snap some quick pictures.

Afterwards, she immediately wanted to tuck the tooth in a safe place (a small ziploc bag) and put it in under her pillow! Unfortunately, that night she was spending the night at her Grandma's house so she had to wait until the following day to see what the Tooth Fairy left her under her pillow... Which was actually kinda nice because it gave the Tooth Fairy some extra prep time! ;)

She could not have been more thrilled to come home & find her hidden treasures. She even wanted to keep the "golden coins" out on her shelf instead of in her piggy bank so that she could show anyone who came over what the Tooth Fairy gave her! As for the lip gloss, I think that has already gone missing. How that girl loses things so quickly is a mystery to me. Then again, I am known for doing the same thing so maybe it is a little understandable, haha.

All in all, this was a wonderfully fun milestone for her to reach and I am so happy to have been able to be such a big part of it. I love being her Momma and having the opportunity to watch her grow up.
Did I mention she's going to be FIVE next week?!
Good gracious.



  1. Okay this is BEYOND adorable...seriously. I love how much you celebrated this! I think she will ALWAYS remember this day :) you're such a good momma!!!

  2. This post is so sweet! I remember the first time my baby tooth fell off (it was a baby-canine), and my ma and pa made me so worked up about the tooth fairy, I almost didn't sleep through the night waiting for my reward! She's a very brave girl, and I'm sure she'll grow up beautiful and awesome! Cheers and a belated happy birthday to Peyton!

    Jason @ Metro Dental


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