Sunday, September 1, 2013

life lately...

has been so busy! So darn busy I tell you. Here are a few snippets {mostly from} my phone camera to catch you up on some things that have happened around these here parts:

1 // My mom and my sister insisted we go to look at some wedding dresses before my sister went back to school two Saturdays ago. My mom made the appointment at a local David's Bridal (I told you they were insistent!) and I went in there thinking I wasn't even going to come close to finding a dress that I liked, much less loved... Well, I was pretty sure I found THE ONE. However, we went to another bridal salon yesterday... and I fell in love with TWO MORE dresses! The two from yesterday were very different from one another and one was exactly what I set out thinking I wanted. Once it is fitted to my body, I think it would be nothing short of absolute perfection.  2 // Thee most amazing pumpkin soup ever that my Momma made for my "birthday" dinner. Seriously, that stuff is so beyond amazing and I could probably slurp down the whole pot in one sitting. YUM3 // My family had a birthday celebration for me last last Friday since my sister left for school. It was a bit of a surprise and there were cake and presents, so I had no room to complain.  4 // Sippin' out of my lovely new "S" mug that I really wanted for my birthday this year. Thank you, Momma!  5 // Peyton "holding her breath" as we went under the Lincoln Tunnel while taking my sister up to NYC - since we were "going underwater" you know. ;)  6 // A sleepy Nicholas on our journey to the Big Apple. He's so handsome. I am such a lucky lady! 7 // That right there is a Veggie Pizza Pie, straight outta NYC. It had zucchini, eggplant, pepper, onion, and mozzarella all atop a gloriously delicious crust.  8 // This was when we said "goodbye" to our Nenna. She will return in approx. 1 week for my Grammy's 90th birthday party celebration, but we still miss her nonetheless. She is sharing a studio apartment with her friend Ilana (I hope I spelled that right.) and it is SO TINY! New York living is rough, at least it is if you aren't rollin' in the dough - and I don't mean the pizza dough, ha!  9 // Nicholas makes the best breakfasts - Eggs in a basket with turkey bacon and some of my new blueberry coffee in my new "S" mug from my Momma. #itsthelittlethings.  10 // There is a coworker of mine at Pier 1 who is always making delicious goodies for everyone's birthdays there and for my birthday, she made a Peach Crumble/Coffee Cake (I don't know the official name) and it did not disappoint!  11 // Peyton tripped over the mess of clothes and toys in her room and fell on top of a tupperware box containing toys. She nearly gave her self a black eye in the process. I think we might need to do some room-cleaning this weekend...  9 // We baked a Peach Pie!! Finally, one more thing crossed off of our summer bucket list - which we need to hurry up and finish, because it's practically Fall!

In other exciting news, we currently have a bid in on a house!! Ahh! It is a short sale, though. So, it may take a while to hear back from the company that is dealing with the seller and their bank. {It's been over 2 weeks since we submitted our offer already.} Hopefully it does not take too, too long, and hopefully we hear back good great news! :) The seller already approved our offer, which is a great plus! I can't help myself, I'm already mentally designing the place. Soooo, let's hope me mentioning it on here doesn't jinx us!
This could be our new backyard! {That big black square on the shed? An outdoor chalkboard!!}

In even more exciting news, we have a venue booked for our wedding! Which means: WE HAVE A DATE FOR OUR WEDDING! Yay! Yay! Yay! So many exciting things happening lately! :)

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  1. Hi Sara! Looks like you have been VERY busy!
    Fingers crossed for your house offer.
    Keep blogging (as you have time)


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