Wednesday, September 4, 2013

labor day weekend happenings

Our Labor Day weekend was all about spending time with family and eating delicious food:
Friday: Jenna came back from school in NYC {after we just dropped her off last week} and Dadda took us all to get Mexican food. Chicken Enchiladas = YUM in my tum(my)!
Saturday: I worked late. The morning was spent doing MORE dress shopping! Eeek! I know I already mentioned about how I fell in love with two dresses at that shop and I am just itching to go back and try them on again! That night at work, my coworkers had put together a little birthday gift for me that included a bottle of pink moscato, The Knot magazine for PA/DE, and a generous gift card to our place of employment. They are so the BEST! Thanks guys! :) Also, Saturday evening (after work), Rory snuggled up on me as if she were a 3lb lap dog... I would've been mad at her, except she's just so darn cute.

{PS- I know I am biased, but my little girl is just so darn beautiful. Even in her sleep.}

Sunday: I didn't have to work! And I didn't even request off! It was a miracle. So, we raided Bath and Body Works' candle section did some shopping and then went to my parents' house for a delicious homegrown and homemade dinner that was straight out of Jenna's garden! 

Monday: Labor Day. No work was to be done so, naturally, we stuffed our faces. We went to one of my all-time favorite restaurants in Maryland and chowed down on our "family-style" crabcake lunch and sugar biscuits! SO STINKIN' GOOD! I'm drooling just remembering it.
After out belly's were about to burst, we decided it would be a fantastic idea to go on a nature hike. #nobigdeal. This is Prettyboy Dam on Gunpowder River in Maryland:

{those are a whole heck of a lot of stairs, if you couldn't tell.}

{on our way down the "trail" to the water.}
(Nenna ended up taking off her flip flops in order to carry the baby down on her back. We were also in skirts. We may be crazy. May be.}
{Do you see Nicholas over there on the side of the dam? :)}
{I was so worried he was going to slip and fall in 'cause the rocks were so slimy and wet!}

And then our weekend ended with this:

{sunsets from home are always the best.}
I hope you had a wonderful 3-day weekend! :)

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  1. I totally agree! Your little girl is gorgeous!

  2. That sounds like a fantastic weekend! Your photos are wonderful.
    Happy belated birthday.
    Your daughter is beautiful! Enjoy the snuggles while you get them.


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