Saturday, November 28, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

Oh boy, y'all. My heart (and my stomach!) are so full.

Thanksgiving is my favorite. The food. The family. The love. The gratitude. I adore it all.

My duties this year were to make something chocolate-y (Paula Deen's Pine Bark - so rich but super tasty) and pumpkin bread. Somehow, our traditional green bean casserole got nixed from the food list but that was okay because there was so much other food to consume the day of.
On the big day, we woke up slow. Thankfully we didn't have to make too much food since the majority was done the night before. Peyton was dying to make some homemade cranberry juice as a special treat for everyone, so we prepared that via this recipe.

While the cranberries were simmering on the stove, Peyton decorated the chalkboard with a beautiful turkey and this little stink ate some breakfast, as he supervised the kitchen happenings. 

As breakfast was munched and the parade played on the television, we then decorated place cards for everyone that would be attending dinner - Peyton's idea. She is so crafty, that little one of mine.

This year's feast was held at my Aunt's house and to say that her dining room was packed with family would be an understatement. Everything was delicious, of course. And everyone enjoyed each other's company, of course.

^^the obligatory thanksgiving dinner plate picture^^

After everyone stuffed their bellies full of all of the delicious food, we took the party outside to take some family pictures. AND we even got some decent ones! #doublehighfiveemoji

^^poor quality iPhone picture, but look! We're all in a picture together!^^

The evening finished out with singing "Happy Birthday" to my Uncle Bob, everyone enjoying the most delectable of desserts and Rhett playing with pots and pans in the kitchen. We didn't even do black friday shopping this year!! It was so nice to not be out in the stores until dawn, for once.

I can't believe that next year, Everett will be 20 months old! and Peyton will be 7, almost 8! Gosh, time sure does fly. I am grateful that I have so much to be thankful for and I can only hope that next Thanksgiving will be as wonderful. Now excuse me as I go raid the fridge for some leftovers.


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