Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Birthday Letter

Dear Jenna,

Today is your 20th birthday.
You're 20!

How did that happen?
Weren't you just turning 4 the other day?:

Multiply those candles x5 and here we are.
Now you're all. grown. up!
It's craziness, I tell you.

You are such an intelligent, stunning, kind-hearted lady and I am the absolute luckiest to be able to tell people that I am related to YOU, wonderful you. Sure, we drive each other bonkers most of the time sometimes, but that's what sisters do; Especially sisters who are practically polar opposites of each other, haha. But I just love that even more about you. The fact that, through your eyes, I can see a thoroughly different perspective on life. You are wiser than your years {most definitely more so than I} and have such a level-head. You certainly got the better set of genes. I mean, just look at your juicy, juicy mangoes compared to my teeny tiny mosquito bites! Ha. ;)

I am so proud of you, of everything you have accomplished thus far, and of everything that is sure to come for you in this life. You bring such joy to everyone and anyone around you. I will forever cherish the memories that I have of us growing up together. Particularly our conversations//deliriousness that came about on the rides home from going out to dinner with Mom and Dad.

I just wanted to tell you that we love you. We love you so, so very much.
To the Moon and back, in fact.

Happy Birthday, beautiful.
{Your bunny on crack, forever and ever.}



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